#Nailstorming // TV Series: #Shadowhunters

Hi guys! It's Sunday... so it's time for a new Nailstorming nail art! :)
This week we had to do a manicure inspired by our favorite TV Series and I picked the amazing Shadowhunters! ♥

This nail art is inspired by the official posters of the TV Show. 

I first applied a white base and I added some colors with tiny pieces of make up sponge and few Kiko nail polishes. I wrote the name of the show on my middle + ring finger, and I drew the Angelic Power rune on my index and pinky. And my thumb shows my love for my favorite couple of the show ♥

Not only I'm a nail art addict, I'm also a TV series addict. So, it could have been hard to chose which series to use for this Nailstorming prompt. At another moment of the year maybe, but not right now. Few weeks ago, I kinda fell in love with Shadowhunters and it was so obvious that I had to do a nail art inspired by this show. I LOVE Shadowhunters since episode 1 but I truly became a huge fan almost at this end of the first season.

Every week, I couldn't wait to see a new episode of Shadowhunters, like for so many other shows. But after the episode 12 ("Malec"), I became addicted. From the moment, Magnus and Alec met, I wanted to see them get closer to each other (yeah, we saw that smile Alec). So this episode 12, well, it was just perfect and it granted us with a beautiful #Maleckiss ♥
More than the kiss, it's Magnus's look that makes me love the scene so much. I mean, this guy usually loves to talk and be the powerful High Warlock of Brooklyn... but in this scene, he just stood there, in front of Alec, and did not say a single word to him, he just looked at him.... And this look spoke by itself! It was amazing!

So after this awesome episode, I turned into a fangirl, lol, yep... I watched the scene dozen and dozen of times. It felt like I was a teenager again, haha. Every time, I was impressed by the actors - Harry Shum Jr. & Matthew Daddario - because they wonderfully succeeded to show so much chemistry between their characters, it felt so natural and amazing, like they were really in love.... so Great Job guys!!! Hope to see more Malec scenes in the future ;)

The actors seemed so great that I had to look for some BTS videos, interviews, etc. And seriously, the whole cast seems so adorable and fun!!! It made me want to see the next episode even more, even if I was sad that it was the last episode of season 1... :(

So Shadowhunters is my favorite TV series at the moment. Can't wait for Season 2! ♥ Hope you liked this mani ;)

And what about you? What's your favorite show at the moment?
Did you watch Shadowhunters? Did you love the #Maleckiss as much as I did? 

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