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Showing posts from March, 2016

#Nailstorming // Easter

Hey guys!!! This Sunday, the prompt of the Nailstorming was (obviously) Easter, but I was not inspired at all...

#Nailstorming // Fairytales

Hi guys! It's Sunday, so I have a Nailstorming nail art to show you today. If you don't know what the Nailstorming is, just click ↑↑ the link above. The prompt of this Sunday was "Contes de Fées", which means Fairytales! ♥ 

Gradient & Glitter

Hello dear nail art addicts! I wish I had a beautiful St. Patrick's Day nail art to show you today... but unfortunately, all I have for you is an old mani from last year :/  

Shimmer Polish // Tiffany

Hi dear nailistas! Today, I have a mani from the vault for you.

Copycat | Sveta Sanders

Hello guys! Since it's Tuesday, today I will be showing you a copycat nail art... 

Max Factor // Fantasy Fire

Hello everyone! It's Monday, so it's time for another 'Golden Oldies' post. And the polish I'm showing you today is Max Factor Fantasy Fire.

#Nailstorming // C'est l'Printemps

Hello guys, happy Sunday! Today, I'm happy to show you the nail art I did for the #NailstormingC'est l'Printemps! (= Spring is here!). I almost forgot to publish this mani since I thought this prompt was scheduled for March 20th... Glad I checked the program :P

Essence Nail Colour 3 // Round Up

Essence Nail Colour 3 // #06 Ticket to the Show & Front Row or Backstage

Hi guys! Last day of the Essence Nail Colour 3 week on the blog. And today, we are going to a concert with the duo #06 :)

Essence Nail Colour 3 // #05 Boys are Back in Town & It's Just a Little Crush

Hello dear readers!
Today, I'm showing you the duo #05 of the Essence Nail Colour 3 collection.

Essence Nail Colour 3 // #04 A Walk in the Park & Stop For an Ice Cream

Hi guys! Today, I'm showing you the third duo of the Essence Nail Colour 3 collection. Well, actually it's the duo #04, because I'm missing the number 03 :(

Essence Nail Colour 3 // #02 Shopping Trip in Soho & Party All Night Long

Hello dears readers! Today is the Day 2 of the Essence Nail Colour 3 week.

Essence Nail Colour 3 // #01 Midnight Date & City That Never Sleeps

Hi guys! Today is the first day of the Essence Nail Colour 3 week on the blog. It's not a new collection - I bought those nail polishes in June 2012 :P This collex is named Nail Colour 3 because it's made of double-bottle polishes that you can use alone or you can also layer one color over the other one = 3 different looks ;)

Née Jolie // Floral Water Decals

Hi guys! First, sorry there was no blog post the past 2 weeks, I was ill :( Argh, winter... But spring is coming! (Sorry Jon Snow, lol!) And speaking of spring, take a look at this mani I made with some cute water decals from Née Jolie.