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Showing posts from February, 2016

Tutorial | Tweed Nails

Hey guys! Today we're travelling back in time... lol! I'm going to show you a tutorial I did a long time ago - it's from November 10th, 2013 to be exact. Yep, more than 2 years later! I made it for a friend but thought it was too easy to post it here, so I never did. But it was in my nail art folder and I was tired to see it there everytime so I needed to get rid of this, lol. Maybe someone will be interested in this tutorial, so here it is! 

Tape Manicure feat. Darling Diva Polish

Hey guys! Today, I'm going to show you a Darling Diva Polish nail art! ♥ 

piCture pOlish // Attitude

Hi guys ! Today, I have some swatches from the vault for you, a pretty purple by piCture pOlish & Overall Beauty (pictures from April 2014).