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#Nailstorming // Feather Power

Hello ladies! Today, I'm showing you my Nailstorming manicure! 

The prompt was Feather Power! Since I got some feathers from Née Jolie to review, it was the right moment to try them out :)

For this nail art, I first applied 3 coats of China Glaze Light As Air., a very pale lilac with the perfect name for this mani ^^ Then I paint one coat of top coat and immediately placed the feathers on my nails. Once dry, I cut the feathers with a cuticle nipper. I added one coat of top coat to seal the feathers. I also used a nail file to get smooth edges and I paint one coat of Gelous and another coat of top coat for a smooth finish.

For this mani, I used all parts of the feathers. The downy part (on my index and pinky) was the hardest to used because it kinda move all the time, lol. The other part (ring finger) was way to big for my nail, I only used a third... and the barbs (thanks Google ^^) were to spaced out, so it's not really pretty. But, I also found a tiny tiny feather that I placed on my middle finger, and I love the result. So, if they were only tiny feathers it would be great! I'm not convinced by the others though :/ 

These Feathers are available on Née Jolie (here - 12 colors available) for 1,55€. If you use my code KEX10, you'll get 10% off. And shipping is free =) 


* These feathers were sent to me for my honest review. Please see my disclosure page for more information.


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