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Nail Mail // September 2015!

Hello my dear nailistas! Today I'm going to show you all the pretty stuff I got in the mail in September :)

The first package of the month was from Darling Diva Polish. It was 9 polishes from the Hug My Face collection (AKA Alien Collection). Check out my swatches HERE!

Darling Diva Polish // A-ffirmative - Bad Ass - Did IQs Just Drop Sharply While I Was Away? - Game Over, Man! - Have You Ever Been Mistaken For a Man? - In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream - Long Live the Queen! - Mother - Xenomorph

Then, the last day of the month I got two packages. One of them was my Kiko order :) Did I tell you I had a thing was coral lately?!

Kiko // 356 - 485 - 360 - 488 - 313 - 290
Kiko // 534 - 345 - 387 - 528 - 523

And the second package was a "Bene Box" sent by my dear friend and mule Ashley (is PolishAddicted). What was inside? My orders from the last few months: nail polish (duh!) from various Indies, ÜberChic mat & plates, Yankee Candle tarts... and Ash added lots of Halloween candies that we don't have here in France, she's so sweet ♥

US Candies (yum yum!!!!) -  Nail polishes - ÜberChic - Yankee Candle wax tarts 

Let's take a closer look at the nail art related stuff ;)

Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking - Ninja Polish Streaking Ninja (Cosmetic Sanctuary giveaway price) - Alter Ego Mardi Gras Goddess & Desert Storm Trigger Puller
Girly Bits // Up All Night To Get Lucky - The Shaft - What Happens in Vegas... Ends Up on Snapchat - Stardust
Paint Box Polish // Pygmy Puff - Blue Above The Bay - Coconut & Honey Mani Fizz
Colors by Llarowe What's Your Dream? & Talk to the Hand (September) - Red Dog Designs Wine Time & We're All Mad Here!
Elevation Polish (June) // Street Graffiti Collection + When the Cherry Met the Spoon + Saiho-Ji Temple (SBP)
Elevation Polish (July) // Woke Up in China + Yeti the Stone Warrior + EvP/Girly Bits Bamboozled Duo
Elevation Polish // Oops McKinley (Mystery Oops) - Risco Paleado (Mystery SBP) - Bog Laurel 2 (Mystery LE) - Nalanda (Mystery SBP) - Musala (bought from Ida Nails It) - White Tulips & Doda Vine (bought from Virginie Ninie)
Elevation Polish (September) // Angels Are The Yeti of the Clouds 2 - Imperial Lavender (SBP) -
Roguish Phlox (SBP)
ÜberChic // Über Mat & Collection 3 Stamping Plates
And, that's it!!! ♥


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