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#Nailstorming // This nail polish I hate

Hello guys! Happy Sunday! ☺

Today I have a skittlette to show you. On my French blog, I used it for the "Nailstorming" (more info here, but it's in French). The theme was "This nail polish I hate". 

In this manicure, it's not a polish I hate, but a color. And this color is: yellow!!! Gah, I hate yellow! The yellow polish used here is Kiko 355 Canary Yellow and I don't hate it, actually I like it, I use it a lot for nail art. 

Even if I used a yellow polish, I love this skittlette. I think that's because of the pink polish and the (weird) watermarble. The pink is China Glaze That's Shore Bright - and if you're interested I'm selling it cause I already have a color like this in my stash, so check out my blog sale

Regarding the watermarble, it's actually a dry watermarble. I used the Kiko, the China Glaze, and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. 

Since I couldn't let this 2 yellow nails like this, I added some studs I reviewed for Born Pretty Store (link to the review). 

And that's it! Hope you liked this skittlette. ☺

Also, I'm curious... do you like yellow nail polishes ? Which color do you hate the most ?


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