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Nail Mail // March 2015! OMG!!!

Hi guys! In March, I only received one package but it was the biggest nail mail of my life! well, so far... :P OMG look at all the pretty polishes that my friend Ashley @Ashley is Polish Addicted has muled for me!!! ♥

Not living in the US means spending a lot of money in shipping fees. For example, if I order 6-7 Elevations, shipping to France is around $20. And since I'm an Elevation Polish addict, with a membership, that would mean $20 every month only for shipping! But I'm lucky to have amazing friends in the US, and one of them is the lovely Ashley! She gathered all my orders since last October in one huge package and thanks to her, I'm saving a lot!!! I'm so very grateful! ♥ 

The first polishes of the "Bene Box" (as Ashley calls it ^^) are Elevation Polishes, obviously, lol XD I snagged the 2 first at the Chrestomathy Charity Event in October 2014. Next to them is the pretty Africa collection.

Elevation Polish // Mount Agepsta + Salto del Soldado (SBP) + Darkest Safari, Devil's Cauldron, Mount Meru, Table Mountain & Wagagai

In November, I purchased the new collection of the month and 2 Small Batch Prototypes (SBP).

Elevation Polish // Bromeliad, Kaihalulu, Kilauea, Purple Queen Anthias, Sunset Among the Palms & Wai'anapanapa + Great Bear Lake (SBP) + Lake Laberge (SBP)

When I found out there was an Elevation in the Cupcake Polish "Sweet Addictions Box" of December, I knew I had to buy it ^^ In the photo, you can also see OPI Damone Roberts 1968 and an Alter Ego that I bought at the charity auction for BBR, organised by Darling Diva Polish.

C&C There's Magic in the Air, CP Merry and Bright & EvP Eyes Made of Glimmering Coal + OPI Damone Roberts 1968 + Alter Ego Hoards Heavenly Hounds

I also bought few discontinued Elevations from destash sales.

Elevation Polish // Freeway Park, Ginza, Ubsunur & the Geo Duo (Dzhangi Tau & Dykh-Tau)

And from the Elevation Polish shop, I got the Darkness collection, and other polishes that were going to be discontinued. I also snagged 2 SBPs, yay!

Elevation Polish // Darkness collection (Darkness of the Arctic 2, Dusk @ Hovd, Lost in the Darkness 2, Queen of the Night) + The Kek (or Kekekabic) + Yeti was a Shadow 2
Elevation Polish // Ave Secretan, The Arches II, Naked Night Sky & Volcanic Dust + The Silk Road (SBP) + Lushan (SBP)

Then, in January, I purchased the "A Journey Told Through Music" collection, the new Yeti and 2 SBPs. And I found a surprise polish in my package ♥

Elevation Polish // Definition: The Vivid Unknown, Just Like Night Time, Quarter Past Midnight, Storm in the Morning Light, The Sea Was Red & Walk a Little Farther
Elevation Polish // Yeti Hugs... Feel So Close + Fireflies in a Dark Meadow (SBP) + Wales Coast Path (SBP) + Purple-Blotch Basslet

In February, I bought the Minneapolish collection and the new Yeti.

Elevation Polish // Lake of the Isles, Mill City Ruins, St. Anthony Falls, The Walker & Theo Wirth Parkway + Yeti Hides in the Mini Apple

Finally, here are 2 nail polishes I bought from my friend Jacki @Adventures in Acetone, a lovely Elevation Pahlish duo called "Romantic Night in the Desert" that I bought from a destash sale and a pretty Pahlish that Ashley snagged for me.

Elevation Polish Epidote & Salcantay (SBP) + Elevation Pahlish Mount Carmel & Coral Pink Sand Dunes + Pahlish Boo Give Love!

And that's all folks! ;) 


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