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Alter Ego Nail Enamel // Winter Wonders Collection

Hi guys! Today I have a gorgeous winter collection for you.

The Winter Wonders collection will be released today at 10:00 am CST

The Alter Ego Nail Enamels dry matte but for all the swatches of this post I applied 1 coat of Alter Ego top coat She Shines!, that Cynthia sent to me me with the collection.

Balsam Beauty is a deep green with gold/copper shimmer. 

This polish is a bit sheer so I applied 4 coats to avoid a visible nail line.  

Here is the story behind this polish in Cynthia's words: "I was inspired by the fir trees the original owner of our house planted many years ago! Majestic, regal and hardy, I can always count on their vivid color to brighten a dreary winter day. During the summer they provide a safe haven for all kinds of birds-we have been blessed to have these magnificent trees providing us shelter! The deep green base tinged with darkest blue and dusted with fine copper makes this balsam beauty a must have for any collection!"


Frost Fairy is a shimmery icy blue (and I love its name! haha) .
I applied 3 coats for these photos. 

If a polish has the word "fairy" in its name, you can be sure I'll love it, lol XD

"When the nights are so cold even the imps and pixies stay inside the frost fairy comes out to play! She dances on windows, slides down iron hand rails and tosses her magical dust on fir trees. No one can miss her delicate shimmery blue!
I love Cynthia's inspiration. Sooo cute!!!


Sugars Plums is a berry pink full of holographic shimmers.
I applied 2 coats for these photos.

Sugars Plums is my favorite of this collection. I love the color and I'm a fan of those "soft holos" (and not "bam in your face holos" lol) !

Here is what Cynthia has to say about this polish: "Nobody sugars plums like this experienced candy maker can! The process can take days to do properly and since it is only once a year, this maker doesn't mind at all. Her tips take on the colors of her delicacy, a deeper rose base dusted with sugary sparkly holographic sweetness!"


Winter Sunset Watcher is an apricot with gold and magenta shimmers. 
This is a sheer polish so I applied 4 coats for a better opacity. 

Orange is not the color I love the most (it's better than yellow though! haha).
But I do love the gorgeous shimmers in this polish!

Here is Cynthia's inspiration for this polish: "Winter nights in the midwest can be brutally cold, this gal gets chilled so easily she can't be dressed warm enough to go admire the sunrise. The days can warm up enough for her to bundle up so she can be a winter sunset watcher! The stunning shimmer of golden peach with just a hint of violet cannot be missed, you can get an idea of this miracle of mother nature at this link. You won't be disappointed!"

This collection will be released today Saturday 1/17 at 10:00 am CST on  Alter Ego :D

Cynthia will be having to raise prices soon but these are still offered at the price of $8.50 and to order the collection there is a discounted price of $30 for the 4 :) All orders will include a free top coat per order as usual! 

Sugars Plums my top 3 of Alter Ego Nail Enamel. The 2 others are Beachcomber and Moonlite Serenader (I haven't blogged this one yet). Another polish I really like is Biker Chick, the combo with A England Guinevere is just gorgeous.

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  1. Your photos and reviews are magnificent! I am deeply grateful for your hard work, thank you from the bottom and all over my heart!

  2. Lovely swatches! I especially like Balsam Beauty and Sugars Plums


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