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Copycat | Dry Brush Nail Art

Hello dear readers ! Today I will be showing you my very first Dry Brush Nail Art. :)

Glitter Gal // Suede 3D Holo

Hey guys! Today, we are beginning the week with the first post in my new "Golden Oldies" category. I've already done some nail arts with golden oldies last year for the GOT challenge of the Crumpet's Nail Tarts, but this time, I will show you the swatches of old nail polishes that I really love! 
The first "Golden Oldie" is the gorgeous Suede 3D Holo by Glitter Gal.

#Nailstorming // Feather Power

Hello ladies! Today, I'm showing you my Nailstorming manicure! 

Nail Mail // September 2015!

Hello my dear nailistas! Today I'm going to show you all the pretty stuff I got in the mail in September :)

Favorites of the Week...

Hi guys! Check out these gorgeous manis from last week ♥ I encourage you to click on the links to be taken to the blogs of these talented nail artists!

#Nailstorming // Tortoiseshell Nails

Hi guys! For this #Nailstorming, I tried to copy the Tortoiseshell Nails of Sarah @Chalkboard Nails.

Favorites of the Week...

Hi guys! Just a quick post to share the love and show you 5 nail arts I loved this week :) And I encourage you to click on the links to be taken to the blogs of these talented nail artists!

Darling Diva Polish // Hug My Face Collection (AKA Alien Collection)

Hello dear readers!  Today, I'm excited to show you a gorgeous collection from Darling Diva Polish

Darling Diva Polish // Game Over, Man! + Nail Art

Zoya // NYX

Hello dear readers! It's time to show you the last polish of my Swatching Plan #04.

Girly Bits // Julia

Hi guys! Today, I have the beautiful Girly Bits Julia to show you for the third step of my Swatching Plan #04! :)

#Nailstorming // Reverse Stamping

Hi guys! Here is the nail art I did for the Nailstorming 'Reverse Stamping'! =) 

A-England // Briar Rose

Hey guys! Today, I'm showing you the second polish of my Swatching Plan #04.

#Nailstorming // Striping Tapée

Hi guys! This week the prompt of the Nailstorming was to do a nail art using striping tape, so here is what I did :)

Essence // Crack Me! Blue

Hey guys! I'm back with a new "swatching plan" to help me to narrow down my list of untrieds :) Let's begin this plan #04 with Essence Crack Me! Blue.

Press Release | Girly Bits: It's That Time of Year....Vegas, Baby!

Hi guys! Happy Saturday :D Today, I have a press release from Girly Bits for you! Launching Friday, August 28th: the 2015 What Happens in Vegas LE, a Vegas inspired collection and a polish created with Michelle @Ehmkay Nails. Every shade is beautiful and I already picked what I'm going to buy :P 
What Happens In Vegas...Ends Up On... Wouldn't you like to know! Okay, twist my arm, I'll tell you! What happens in Vegas every year is that I preview the latest addition to the What Happens In Vegas LE Collection. This year, as always, the new shade was a big hit! Introducing... "What Happens In Vegas...Ends Up On Snapchat!" Limited edition available exclusively at Pre-sale details will be announced soon.

Penélope Luz // Taurus

Hi guys! Today, I have some swatches from the vault to show you.

butter LONDON // Disco Biscuit, No More Waity Katie & Scouse

Cirque // The Heritage Collection Round Up

Cirque // Xochitl [The Heritage Collection]

Hi guys! Today is the last day of the Cirque Colors week on the blog :)

Cirque // Sky Woman [The Heritage Collection]

Hi guys! Today I'm showing you my swatches of Cirque Sky Woman.

Cirque // Sani [The Heritage Collection]

Hello ladies and gents! Today, I have another gorgeous Cirque Colors to show you.

Cirque // Powwow [The Heritage Collection]

Hi guys! It's the middle of the Cirque Colors week. :)

Cirque // Panacea [The Heritage Collection]

Hi dear readers! Today I'm showing you the green polish of The Heritage Collection by Cirque Colors.

Cirque // Luminous Owl [The Heritage Collection]

Hi guys! Day 2 of the Cirque Colors week with Luminous Owl.

Cirque // Cerrillos [The Heritage Collection]

Hi dear nailistas! 
Today begins the Cirque Colors week on the blog with the beautiful Heritage collection. Since there are 7 polishes in this collex I'm going to show you one shade per day :) I swatched them as soon as I got them last year and I don't know why I didn't blog them before. So this is not a new collection and you have already seen many swatches by other bloggers but I wanted to show you mine anyway. So let's begins with the gorgeous Cerrillos, shall we?

Stamping with gel polish?

Hi guys! I'm pretty new to the gel manicure and I was wondering if you could stamp with gel polishes so I did a little test.

Madam Glam // Man Eater (Chameleon gel polish)

Hi guys! Today I'm showing you another Madam Glam gel polish but this one is color changing :)

Madam Glam // Plum Addict (#94)

Hi guys, today I have another Madam Glam gel polish to show you.

Madam Glam Tutorial // Soak-Off Gel Polish review

Née Jolie // Born Pretty Holo Polish #12

Hi everyone! Today I have another Née Jolie review for you :)

Née Jolie // Wax Pens review.

Hey guys! Hope you're doing great =) It's almost 7 pm here, so my work day is over and now begins my 3 day weekend! Yay! Today, I'm showing you the final look of my first Half Moon manicure

Nailstorming & Née Jolie review // Half Moon manicure

Hi guys! Today I'm showing you the Half Moon manicure I did using some stickers I got from Née Jolie.

Née Jolie: BK Nail Polish // Matte #20

Hi guys! Happy Sunday! :) Today I'm showing you the swatches of a polish that was sent to me by Née Jolie.

#ManisForGosia & Glam Polish Book of Shadows

Hi guys! This Sunday, I have another mani inspired by one my friends who has decided to stop blogging :( 

Spring Nail Art inspired by Set in Lacquer ♥

Hello dear readers! The mani I'm sharing with you today is a special nail art I made for (and inspired by) my friend Kelly @Set in Lacquer, who recently decided to stop blogging for personal reasons - you can read her blog post about it here

#Nailstorming // Chevrons

Hi guys and happy Sunday! I'm here to show you my nail art for the Nailstorming of this weekend =) 

OPI // Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI, Get Cherried Away + Skull & Glossbones

Hello dear readers ! I have some swatches from the vault for you today :)

#Nailstorming // This nail polish I hate

Hello guys! Happy Sunday! ☺
Today I have a skittlette to show you. On my French blog, I used it for the "Nailstorming" (more info here, but it's in French). The theme was "This nail polish I hate". 

Nail Mail // April 2015!

Hi guys! Here is what I got in April! :)
First, a Pshiiit package with the new piCture pOlish "Vampy Chameleons" collection and Holiday ;)

Then, I got this pretty Maybelline that I bought on ebay.

And finally, this 4 Enchanted Polishes I purchased from the Pshiiit Boutique. I'm not a huge EP lover but I decided to give them another chance.

Yes Love // 442 & K024.

Hi guys! Hope you're doing great =) I have more swatches from the vault for you today! Yes, still old pics, but don't worry, I got my "swatching mojo" back so I will have new nail polishes to show you soon ^^ 

Takko Lacquer // I Love Rock n'Roll.

Hi guys! Today, I have the swatches of Takko Lacquer I ♥ Rock n'Roll to show you ;)

Press Release: Can I Get A Hoop! Hoop! For The New Girly Bits Cosmetics Neon Brights?

Check out this new Girly Bits collection!!! OMG these nail polishes look amazing ♥  Of course, they're already in my wishlist, eheh :P This collex will be release tomorrow Sunday April 19th 2015 at 12noon EDT. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Can I Get A Hoop! Hoop! For The New Girly Bits Cosmetics Neon Brights? Inspired by the hottest exercise craze (and Pam's newest hobby), hula hooping, Girly Bits Cosmetics is excited to announce the upcoming release of their latest collection "Hoop! There It Is". "Hoop! There It Is" is a super fun, extremely colourful collection of neon brights, coming just in time to pretty up your pedi's for the warm weather! The collection consists of 10 neon bright cremes and one silver/holo/black/white glitter topper to add more variety to your mani's and pedi's.

SoFlaJo // Ice Dancer.

Hi guys! Today I have some swatches from the vault for you, again!

Cliché // Seychells & VIP.

Hi guys! I'm back with more swatches from the vault =)

Nail Mail // March 2015! OMG!!!

Hi guys! In March, I only received one package but it was the biggest nail mail of my life! well, so far... :P OMG look at all the pretty polishes that my friend Ashley @Ashley is Polish Addicted has muled for me!!! ♥

Sinful Colors // Zeus, Winter Wonder & Faceted.

Hi guys! Today, I have more swatches from the vault to show you!

Kiko // 381, 339 & 355.

Today, I have some swatches from the vault for you!