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Epic Nail Mail !!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys! If you are following me on Instagram or on Facebook, you may know that Thursday I received a pretty epic nail mail ♥ I usually wait till the end of the month to show you what I got but it's so awesome that I just couldn't wait 4 weeks :) :) :)

It all began with an Elevation Polish... obviously! ^^ I mean, EvP is my favorite "brand" so... :P One of my "dreams" is to own every single polish created by Lulu, so I'm constantly in search of the missing ones in my collex, well, all but the SBPs and samples, of course!

The polish that started all this is Yeti Loves the Holidays. I was looking for this polish for so long that I was really happy to find it for (only) $12. The only downside was the shipping cost from the USA to France for only one polish :( Luckily, I have amazing friends in the US ♥ Ashley from the blog Ashley is PolishAddicted offered to mule this polish and others for me! Such a sweetheart!

Elevation Polish Yeti Loves the Holidays

When I won a Darling Diva Polish giveaway (yay!), I told Carrie that she could send my price  to Ashley instead of mailing it directly to me, so she could save some money. Here are the polishes I got =)

Darling Diva Polish Poisona, Edge of Seventeen, Sara, Temulance, Temporary Insanity, Secret Admirer

When Carrie launched some LE polishes back in June, I fell in love with Oppositional Defiance Disorder. I couldn't resist and I bought it :P and I also ordered Nightbird.
Darling Diva Polish Oppositional Defiance Disorder LE, Nightbird

The same day, my friend Jen @ My Nail Polish Obsession told me that she had one of the Elevation Polish that was missing in my collex and that she could send it to Ashley for me!

Elevation Polish Broad Peak

Still the same day, I bought some HTF Elevation Polishes.

Elevation Polish Ama Dablam + Duo with Pahlish Bromance / Romance

At the EvP restock of June 22, I snagged one of the samples, woohoo!
Actually I got 2, but the other was for a friend ;)

Elevation Polish Sample GGM 24

At the end of June, I bought my very first "A Box, Indied" from Llarowe. I couldn't miss this one since an Elevation Polish was one of the 5 polishes of this box ^^ ...

A Box, Indied July 2014 - Black Cat Lacquer + Contrary Polish + Dollish Polish + Elevation Polish + Jindie Nails

...and I also ordered the Sahara top coat of Dance Legend.

Dance Legend Sahara Top Coat + card of the box indied with the Funnel Cakes recipe

At the end of July, I ordered 5 beautiful Pahlish...

Pahlish Electrique, Ghost Lights, Mohair Suit, Shallow Lands, Will-o-the-Wisp

...and one Sea Lore =)

Sea Lore Aquaversary

Few days later, I bought 4 gorgeous Girly Bits. If you don't guess what is my fave color... I don't understand, lol XD But like one of the polish says there's "No Such Thing As A Purple Problem" eheh!

Girly Bits Man Size Love, No Such Thing As A Purple Problem, Seriously Sassy,
What Happens in Vegas... Ends Up on Instagram

In August, I ordered a new "A Box, Indied"! Oh that Girly Bits and that CbL... ♥

A Box, Indied August 2014 - Colors by Llarowe + CrowToes + Different Dimension + Girly Bits + Glisten & Glow

On August 07, with my Elevation Polish membership, I bought the Italian collection and the Yeti of the month =)

Elevation Polish Antelao, Ortler, Storms of Marmolada, Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Con Tanto Affetto Yeti

And finally, at the end of August, I bought 2 polishes at the Pahlish Bespoke Batch pre-order.

Pahlish Bespoke Batch Sarey's Berry, Over the Rhone

And that's it =) In the end, I bought too much polishes for only one USPS envelope, so Ashley had to send 2! I got both the same day, and it was a pretty epic nail mail, right?! ^^ 


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