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Tropical Nail Wraps from Née Jolie

Happy Sunday everyone! =D Today, we're talking nail wraps!
My last try was not a success so I made some changes for this second set.

First, I let my nails grow longer than usual, to enjoy most of the designs. Then I applied a non glossy polish and no top coat. This way, I was able to stick the wraps onto my nails properly, unlike with the first set.

As I usually end up with the less interesting part of the wraps on my nails, this time instead of applying the wraps from the cuticle and file the excess, I applied them from the free edge of nails and cut around the cuticle. Yay, for nice tropical designs and not just some white lines... But, sadly I didn't manage to cut a nice curve, so not so great! :/

Like for my other reviews, the link to the product leads to a "Sorry, product not found" page :/ So I have no idea of the price or if this product will be available again...

If you want to order on Née Jolie, don't forget to use my code KEX10.
You'll get 10% off, if you use it. And shipping is free =) 

* These nail wraps were sent to me for my honest review. Please see my disclosure page for more information.


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