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I'm back and I have a review for you

Hey guys! I'm back =) I was pretty busy the last 3 weeks and not really in the mood to blog cause my dad was in hospital... When I wasn't working, or sleeping, I spent most of time with him ♥ Way more important than blogging, right?!

So now that my dad is back home, I have some time to work on my blog. In the next few days, you will see on my blog the other reviews I made for Née Jolie, the swatches of my Swatching plan #02, 10 lovely Shimmer Polish(es) and new reviews for Born Pretty Store. Everything in that order: first received, first reviewed!

Today, I'm showing you nails wraps (or nail patchs) from Née Jolie. 

These nail wraps are white designs on a clear base, so you have to paint few coats of nail polish before applying them. I tried to use them directly on my nails, and it wasn't pretty! Here, I used Essence Time For Romance (Colour & Go n°72) + 1 coat top coat.

First observation, despite my 3 mm free edges (hey, that's not nothing! :P), my nails are too short to show the full designs :/ But I'm used to it, so... 

Then, I don't know if it was because of the top coat, or because of my curved nails, or both... but they didn't stick well on my nails :/ It's pretty obvious on my index. When I pressed more to stick them better, they slid and I even damaged the wrap of my ring finger.  

I have another set of nail wraps to review and this time, I won't use top coat. We'll see if there's a difference =) 

Usually, I end my blog post with a link to the product so you can buy it if you like it but it seems to be broken... Do you see a page "Sorry, Product Not Found" too when you click on this link ?

If you want to order on Née Jolie, don't forget to use my code KEX10.
You'll get 10% off, if you use it. And shipping is free =) 

* These nail wraps were sent to me for my honest review. Please see my disclosure page for more information.


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