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Nail Mail - September 2014!

In September, I got 2 lovely packages =)
First, 10 Shimmer Polish sent to me for review! Yay!

Then, 7 beautiful Darling Diva Polish.  An order placed using the ShipInter code (free shipping for orders over $75).

Skittlette + studs from Née Jolie

Tropical Nail Wraps from Née Jolie

ZOYA // Matte Velvet LE Gift Set Trio

A pretty ring and a simple manicure...

Hi guys! Today, I have a cute ring from Née Jolie to show you ;)

Elevation Polish // The Forest Collection, July 2014

I'm back and I have a review for you

Hey guys! I'm back =) I was pretty busy the last 3 weeks and not really in the mood to blog cause my dad was in hospital... When I wasn't working, or sleeping, I spent most of time with him ♥ Way more important than blogging, right?!
So now that my dad is back home, I have some time to work on my blog. In the next few days, you will see on my blog the other reviews I made for Née Jolie, the swatches of my Swatching plan #02, 10 lovely Shimmer Polish(es) and new reviews for Born Pretty Store. Everything in that order: first received, first reviewed!
Today, I'm showing you nails wraps (or nail patchs) from Née Jolie. 

Agnès b. // Red Motel

Nail Mail - August 2014!

In August, I got few packages... 
The first one was a package from my friend Sally (Magpies): 5 lovely piCture pOlishes.

Then, I got my Pshiiit Boutique order: NCLA Teal The End & Drop of Teal,  Too Fancy Lacquer Tell Me A Sea-cret and piCture pOlish Chillax.

My first purchase of the month : Superficially Colorful Lacquer Pandora collection ♥ Amazing collection that I will swatch soon ^^

And finally 6 gorgeous Pahlish ♥ I stayed awake till 2 am to snag the beautiful Lambrusco (Bespoke Batch), and I also bought: My Bespoke Psychopath, La Belle Endormie, Petropolis from the August collection, and the August duo 2014 "First Day of my Life"!