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Nubar // Black and White Polka Dot

Hi guys! I'm starting a new swatching plan today and here are the polishes:

1. Oldest untried: Nubar Black Polka Dot 

2. First untried on my stash list: 6 Harts Polish Blow Me... a Raspberry 2 
(and because they're gorgeous, I'll show you 2 other 6 Harts)

3. Newest untried: Elevation Polish Avenue of the Baobabs 
(and the other polishes from the Forest Collection)

4. Last untried on my stash list: Zoya Veruschka 
(and the other Matte Velvet of the LE Gift Set Trio).

So, the first polish of this swatching plan is Nubar Black Polka Dot, but since my pics of White Polka Dot were not great, I also used it in this mani.

I first created a gradient with Cult Nails NevermoreElevation Polish Thracian SeaGirly Bits Elephant Shoe and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

Then, I applied Nubar Black Polka Dot on my middle finger, ring finger and pinky, and White Polka Dot on my index, middle finger and ring finger.

Here is a macro =)


Step #1 done... see you soon for Step #2 with 3 x 6 Harts Polishes ;)


  1. This mani is awesome! And sounds like a solid plan to get through untrieds! I might need to do something similar.

    1. Thank you Jen! =) Yep, I have too much untrieds so I needed a solution to use them, instead of doing manis with my go-to polishes!

  2. I like the gradient and then opposite glitter on top! And great untried plan, may appropriate that for my own use :)

  3. AMAZING ! I'd try this but I know it won't turn out as awesome as this!


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