Born Pretty Store // Gold and Silver Round Studs

Hi guys! Today, I'm showing you the third product I got from Born Pretty Store.
Photo credit: Born Pretty Store

It's a wheel of gold and silver round studs available in 3 sizes: 1,2 mm - 2 mm - 3 mm.

For this mani, I copied one of my dotticures but I replaced the dots by the studs =)

I first applied piCture pOlish Badass (see my swatches here). Then, I placed the studs. First, the biggest in the center and the smallest on the outside. And finally, I added 1 coat of top coat to seal the studs.

I really like this manicure, kind of badass ^^ 

You can purchase this wheel HERE for $3.95. If you use my code "AAL91" you get 10% off. Don't forget to check out all the nail art supplies they have and that shipping is FREE!

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