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MoYou roses with ManGlaze Lesbihonest & China Glaze White Cap.

Final step of my mani with my oldest untried!

First, I'd like to remind you the swatching plan I made for my summer holidays =) During the 3 following weeks I'm going to try to swatch as many untrieds as I can, in that order :
1. Oldest untried.
2. First untried on my stash list.
3. Newest untried.
4. Last untried on my stash list.

My oldest untried was China Glaze White Cap. As it's a very sheer polish, I prefer to use it as a topper. For the mani I had in mind, I chose to layer it over ManGlaze Lesbihonest. And finally, I added some roses from the MoYou plate Pro Collection 04.

I really like how it turned out. These roses with golden shimmer are so pretty!

Next step on my plan, the first untried on my stash list and the winner is : 
6 Harts Polish Bat Crap Crazy ;)


  1. This is beautiful! You chose the perfect pattern for the color!


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