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Favorites of the Week #22.

Hello nailistas! Today is Monday, and Monday means... favorites of the week =)

The "blue flowers" of Cako à Paillettes! (Post here)

The gorgeous nail art of Tenshi no Hana. (Post here)

The beautiful mani of my friend Danielle @Polish, Glitter, Rock & Roll. (Post here)

The manicure of Marine Loves Polish. (Post here)

The awesome Doctor Who nail art of Makeup Withdrawal. (Post here)

The Lacquer Legion Garden mani of my friend 
Michaela @The Mani Café. (Post here)

the Black-Eyed Susan 3D nail art of my friend 
Sarah @Chalkboard Nails, (Post here)

and the amazeballs mani of my friend 
Sheila @Pointless Cafe. (Post here)

The lovely butterflies of Wacky Laki. (Post here)

and those of my friend Caroline @Comme un rêve. (Post here)

The Ikat nail art of Ongles Addict. (Post here)

The skittlette of Coco's Nailss. (Post here)

The gorgeous gradient of The Quiche Girl. (Post here)

The summer nails of Copycat Claws. (Post here)

And finally, the Tequila Sunrise mani of Ongles Addict - again :P (Post here)


  1. Awwww thank you! I'm honored to be in with those other talented ladies and to be on your blog. You ROCK my friend! ♥


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