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Nail Mail - June 2014!

In June I got... lots of Elevation Polishes!!!!!!! :P My membership order and other polishes found in blog sales or in NNR.

I also received an amazing gift from my friend Jin Jit @Superficially Colorful, via the lovely Sandy Dandy Nails, my ultimate lemming: China Glaze DV8 

Negative Space nail art

Hello ladies! Today, I have my first negative space mani to show you.

Zebra skittlette with Born Pretty Store black rhinestones.

Hello dear nailistas! Today, I'm showing you the last nail art product from Born Pretty Store that I have to review: black rhinestones, that I use in a zebra skittlette.

Born Pretty Store // Dazzling Nail Wraps

Hi guys! Today I have a nail wraps review for you =)

Favorites of the Week #22.

Hello nailistas! Today is Monday, and Monday means... favorites of the week =)

Born Pretty Store // Nail Foil Review.

Hi guys! Today - well tonight for me - I'm showing you another product I received from Born Pretty Store.