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Nailstorming: Mardi Gras ♫ ♪

Hello ladies and gents! Today, all the "Nailstormeuses" are celebrating Mardi Gras ♥

I'm French. Mardi Gras is a French tradition. So I did a US Mardi Gras manicure, lol! Pure logic! Yeah, I'm weird like that, lol XD

I loved Mardi Gras when I was a child cause it meant fun day "at" school :P I remember the Carnival parades... all the pupils marching in the streets in our cute costumes. And the crêpes (yum yum) once back at school... It was so fun! ♥

My fave costume was the one above. (I'm the blond girl on the right and that's my lil' bro on the far right ♥) My mother made it with an old dress of hers. My dad made the awesome hat with the remaining fabric. I also had a cute magic wand (not pictured)... ah I loved this costume sooo much!!!! ♥ But let's go back to nail art, shall we?!

On my index and my pinky: 2 coats of Kiko 332 Dark Violet 
+ 2 thin coats of Red Dog Designs ♪♫♪ (Here Comes)3 the Big Parade ♪♫♪

For my middle finger, I chose to do a caviar nail to represent the mardi gras beads.

On my ring finger : 3 coats of Kiko 355 Canary Yellow + a mask made with Kiko 332 Dark VioletChina Glaze Four Leaf CloverCult Nails Nevermore and China Glaze Passion.

And since it's a Mardi Gras post, I'd like to show you some gorgeous Mardi Gras polishes you should buy! My great friend Gina, the maker Red Dog Designs nail polishes, just launched two gorgeous polishes. Swatches here. Special Limited Edition - Available for the month of March only, so grab them while you can! I love the Mardi Gras polish I used in this post, and of course I already ordered the 2 new ones ^^ aaand also the St. Patty's Day trio! BUY ALL THE RED DOGS!!!!!


  1. Amazing amazing AMAZING! And awwwww you were so adorable and that's one super awesome costume!!

  2. Just perfect!! Love the mask :))))

  3. So nice.. I loved it!
    Eva -


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