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Nailstorming Jelly Sandwich - Nfu Oh JS13 & Lacquistry Charity Event gradient!

Hi dear readers! It's Sunday again, and Sunday means.... Nailstorming!!! The theme of today is Jelly Sandwich. It is a perfect theme for me right now, cause I don't have much time for the Nailstorming, with the other challenges and everything, but jelly sandwich it's so quick and easy =)

I sometimes forget about this but all my readers aren't longtime nail-artists, and if you're a newbie, jelly sandwich is absolutely perfect for you, cause it's a really easy nail art for beginners.

So, to create your sandwich, you will need a jelly polish. There are some really see-through jellies, and some more milky, like the one I chose today: Nfu Oh JS13. You also need a glitter polish. Mine is Lacquistry Charity Event.

For this jelly sandwich, I first applied my usual basecoat and 2 coats of Nfu Oh JS13. Then I grabbed Charity Event and I did a glitter gradient. Finally, I added one more coat of JS13, I applied my topcoat and voilà! 

I love jelly sandwiches! It's so easy. I don't know why it took me so long to do one! Well, I did a sandwich for the Nailstorming Océan, Sea-Reines et Coquillages but it was a stampwich, so it's not exactly the same technique.

As they are covered with a coat of JS13, the glitters of Charity Event are kind of matified and you can see all the colors right away! No need to light them up!

I also took a macro shot before closing the sandwich with the final coat of Nfu Oh JS13 ;)

And another one of the beautiful Charity Event in the bottle, cause it's so gorgeous ♥ The color combo is just perfect !

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Your mani & photos are wonderful, your choice of colors is right on the mark!

  2. I agree your photos are fabulous and I love your nails :)


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