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Collaboration mani: Happy Birthday Kiki! ♥

Hi guys, today is the birthday of Kiki from Les Z’ongles de Kiki, and with other French-speaking bloggers, we organised a collaboration mani to celebrate this special day and show her some love.

For this manicure, we had to reproduce one of Kiki's nail arts and add purple, or do a one stroke mani with a touch of purple in it. I chose to use one of her tutorial to create one stroke flowers on a purple polish.

I never tried the one stroke technique before so it's not as beautiful as Kiki's...

 My base color is KBShimmer The Grape Beyond. I applied 2 coats over my base coat. Then, I followed Kiki's one stroke tutorial to create the designs. I linked her tutorial, but don't look at it right now, save it for later!!!! Why? Well, if you don't know what my mani was supposed to look like, it may appeared as a success, lol  XD

I did this mani really quickly yesterday after work, and wasn't very meticulous :/ My brush was too big for this... like twice the size of Kiki's brush... and working on my short nails wasn't super easy... not enough space ! :P

But yeah, if you don't look at the original mani, you may say that this nail art is quite pretty.

The designs on my thumb are more beautiful though. But of course it has to be on the one nail we almost never see in my pics ^^

The Grape Beyond dries matte so I also took matte pre-top coat pictures. I was so scared to mess everything up with my top coat :P

Hope you liked this one stroke manicure =)

Here is a list of the other ladies involved in this collaboration manicure :
Béné - (super prénom au fait ^^)



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