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GOT Polish Challenge: Dots!

Tri Polish Tuesdays - ROY #04 : Cloud manicure + braided clouds accent nail!

Hi guys! Today is the last day of the Red-Orange-Yellow Tri Polish Tuesdays! I won't lie, those 3 colors are the ones I like the least, so that's a relief :P Even if red is growing on me for the past few months.

Nailstorming: Flower Power ✿

Hi guys ! The theme of today's Nailstorming is finally a theme that inspired me so I'd like to show you my Flower Power manicure, which is not as good as I wanted it to be, but oh well...

GOT Polish Challenge: Blue!

Hi guys! Today I have a GOT manicure to show you. I know I know GOT means Golden Oldie Thursday and today is Saturday... so I'm a little late. But Thursday, I spent most of the day at the hospital so obviously I couldn't write my post! Don't worry, I'm OK now ;)

Dior Day || Dior n°972 Liquorice (Réglisse)

Hello dear readers! Today, I'm joining some of my friends for a Dior Day! Well, I should have written this post yesterday but with the Tri Polish Tuesdays manicure and me being sick... I'm a bit late for the party.
The polish I chose is: Liquorice, n°972 (Réglisse)

Tri Polish Tuesdays - ROY #03 feat. Elevation Polish and piCture pOlish ♥

Hi guys! Did you #ShareTheLove on Facebook this weekend? I'd like to thank everyone who shared my page ♥ I hit 2000 Likes today, how awesome!!! I will set up a giveaway, but first I have to gather some pretty prizes ^^
So, today, I'm really happy to share with you another Tri Polish Tuesdays manicure =)

GOT Polish Challenge: Stripes || Purple reciprocal gradient!

Hi guys! It's time for another Golden Oldie Thursday manicure =) The theme of today was stripes, and I chose to do a nail art I want to try for a while.

Tri Polish Tuesdays - ROY #02 : Aztec Nails

Hi everyone! Hope you're doing great =) Today is Tuesday so it's time for another Tri Polish Tuesdays manicure. For my Red Yellow Orange mani #02, I chose to do my first Aztec nails =)

GOT Polish Challenge: Pink ♥

Hi there! Today, I have another challenge manicure for you =) In addition, to the Tri Polish Tuesdays, I'm also joining the Crumpet's Nail Tarts for the GOT Polish Challenge (GOT meaning Golden Oldie Thursday). It's a challenge created by my friend Debbie Crumpet that will make me use my old and sometimes forgotten polishes!

Here are the basic rules: * the polish you use should be at least one year old! * if you haven't been a polishaholic that long, you can use the oldest polishes you have, * the polish should be previously used, but if you're stuck, you could free a yearling from Mount Untried, * you can use more than 1 polish as long as it fits the theme and the rules.

1st Tri Polish Tuesday: Red, Orange, Yellow!

Hi guys! This year, I'm joining the Crumpet's Nail Tarts for the Tri Polish Chalenge 2014 =)

The rules are pretty simple: - We are going to be posting each Tuesday (although you don't have to post every week). - Three colours will be chosen for each month and you post up to four manis using those three colours,  plus the allowed extra colours of black, white, silver, gold and glitter toppers. - The difference this year is that you don't have to stick to the same three polishes for the whole month,  as long as you stick to the three chosen colours and allowed extras. - At least one mani must contain all three colours, while the others must contain as least two of the chosen colours.
So here is my first Tri Polish manicure:

FEVERlacquer Come to Me & White Collar Caffrey!

Dandy Nails - Wonderwall, Float On, Bory-Alice!

Essie Smooth Sailing + comparison.

Essie Trophy Wife + Comparison.

Impala Brilliant Glam

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