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Nail Mail #51 : Sally Magpies, Red Dog Designs, Elevation Polish...

Hi everyone! No nail mail this week but as I forgot to share with you my nail mail from last week... here it is ;)

First, a surprise package from my dear friend Sally ♥ I helped Sally with something and she thanked me by sending me these awesome nail polishes!!! It was totally unexpected... thank you so much Sally !!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Impala - Glossy, Glimmer, Luminous, Glamorous, Sunshine, Luxury, Charming
(I forgot to take pics before swatching these Impalas)

piCture pOlish Atomic, Gene Doll, Moody Blues

OMG 3 piCture pOlishes ♥ My fave "Indie +" !!!   *I'll own them all someday*

Impala & piCture pOlish are two "brands" that Sally sells in her shop: Sally Magpies! Go take a look ;) Lots of gorgeous nail polishes and she ships internationally ^^


Seconds package: another package from my friend Gina ♥

She muled my Llarowe order, including the 2 awesome *Llarowe Exclusive* Elevation Polishes I snagged. I was too late for Hovd Darkness though :'( But 2 of 3 is not that bad... To get free US shipping, I also added two A-Englands and one Jindie Nails to my cart.

Jindie Nails sTEALth - A-England Briar Rose & Sleeping Palace - Elevation Polish Arabian Sea II & Night Ice Glow

Gina also muled the pretty SoFlaJo Holiday 2013 duo, made by our friend Jody.

SoFlaJo Kranberry Kiss & Evergreen

And of course, I bought some of Gina's polishes ^^ Actually, I bought the entire Who's 50th Anniversary Collection :P ♥ Doctor Who ♥
Red Dog Designs, the Who's 50th Anniversary collection - part 1
Red Dog Designs, the Who's 50th Anniversary collection - part 2
And, as stated on the website, a baggie of extra glitters is sent with The Christmas Invasion & The Snowmen.


Third and last package of the week, my Elevation Polish order ♥ Including my first "Small Batch Prototypes", woohoo!

Love Lulu's new boxes!
2am walks in Farrihn, Aiguilles d'Arves, Darkest Storm, Everest, Forest of the Fog, Mount Augustus
Prusik or Loop it, Tavan Bogd, These Boots were... + 2 SBP (yay!): Lost in Darness & Mt. Hijiri


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