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Nail Mail #48 : Kiko & Nocibé ft. Dior + Chanel

In the mailbox, last week...

A Kiko order:


Don't worry, I'm not crazy enough to buy several Sugar Mat sets for myself :P This is a group order and all these Kiko products are for my friends in the US, Sweden and Luxembourg ;)

Other package of the day, but everything was for me in this one ^^

Dior Minuit - Dior Galaxie - Chanel Taboo - Dior Crème Abricot

I was saving money to buy Taboo on with my birthday coupon but I never got that coupon :'( I e-mailed Sephora to ask if they had forgotten me and they answered that I didn't spend enough money so I didn't deserve a gift this year! :o Wow, how nice of them... :( On the site, it's written that if you have a Sephora card, you get a gift for your birthday but it is not specified that you have to spend lots of money to get it! LIARS!!!!

So I emailed them back and said that I was going to spend my money in another shop. My dear Chanel was available on Nocibé and oh surprise, there was a 20% off code (no condition!). So I caved, and I bought Taboo, and Dior Minuit & Dior Galaxie! I also got Dior Crème Abricot because I was few euros away from free shipping and as my nails are pretty weak these days, it was the perfect time to use this fortifying cream and make my nails happy :P

So happy to finally own Taboo - my first Chanel!!! - and those awesome Dior products =) Also, to thank me for my order, Nocibé offered me a 5€ discount on my next order! Nice! ♥ Thank you Nocibé! And Sephora, this is for you:



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