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Kiko Sugar Mat Set - Part 1: Warm Tones.

Hello dear readers! Today, I have pretty amazing textured polishes to show you =) If you read my nail mail post from last Sunday, you know that I got the marvelous Sugar Mat set from Kiko last week. I couldn't wait to see them on my nails, so I swatched them all :P and here are the first four ;)

They're all shimmer textured polishes but my camera just didn't want to capture the shimmer :(

First polish of the set: Apricot, a nude with pink/salmon pink shimmer. It's a bit sheer but 2 coats were enough for full coverage.


Watermelon is a "Barbie" pink with pink/fuchsia shimmer. I applied 2 coats for the pics below.


Cherry Red is a pretty red with red/fuchsia/purple shimmer, some are visible on the pics below. Pictures are 2 coats of Cherry Red.


Wine, my favorite of the warm tones, is a gorgeous plum with fuchsia/purple shimmer. I really wish you could see those shimmers... this polish is absolutely stunning! I applied 2 coats for the pics below.


On the right, the four warm tones Sugar Mat with 3 coats (!) of top coat.

In the macro pics you can see the shimmer better. And Wine... OMG! ♥


I also did a comparison between Watermelon and the 2 other pinks from the previous Sugar Mat collex.

Middle finger and pinky: Kiko 452 Watermelon. Index: Kiko 641 Strawberry Pink. Ring finger: Kiko 642 Hot Pink. As you can see, they're all different!

Strawberry Pink - Watermelon - Hot Pink


Kiko nail lacquers are available on and in the Kiko Stores. This set is from the Limited Edition 'Digital Emotion' collection, so buy it while you can ;)

So, what do you think of these new Sugar Mat?
Which one of the warm tones is you favorite?


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