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Nailstorming : Tiens-toi à Carreaux!

Hi guys! It's Sunday already... so I have a "Nailstorming" manicure for you =) The theme of today is: "Tiens-toi à carreaux!". It's a French idiom meaning behave, stick to the rules. But the word "carreau" is the french for tile/windowpane/check and that was the real theme of this Sunday. 

I thought the theme would be easy but I was wrong... I tried to do quilted nails, but the result was ugly. My second idea was to use a magnetic polish and the grid design of China Glaze Magnetix II magnet but the design didn't show up on my nails :( The third mani, wasn't great either, but 3 nail arts was enough for me and I gave up! So, I'm sorry for what you will see below :/

Yeah I know, the lines aren't straight or even... it's not pretty but the other manis were worst :( My very first idea was to use my Konad plate m60, but I thought it was "too easy" and I wanted to freehand the design... I guess I overestimated myself  :/ 

But I have to say that I do like the colors I used, I think they look great together. So it's not a complete disaster...

For this mani, I used Cult Nails Mind Control as the base color. Then, I did the lines with Cult Nail Morning Glory and Flexbrush White.

And now, I'm going to catch up all the manis I missed this week.


  1. You definitely did NOT overestimated yourself, this is PERFECT!!! I so so LOVE it!!!


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