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Nailstorming - Mustache Nails

Hi guys! I almost forgot to share my "Nailstorming" manicure with you. The theme of this Sunday was : "Mustache Nails" for Movember ;)

I already did a Mustache manicure in July 2012 for the "Moustache Party" organised by one of my friend for her birthday but I never blogged it cause I only took one picture and it wasn't great... So, for this Nailstorming, I just recreated the same mani! (Old pic at the end of this post)

Very simple manicure... I painted each nail with a different color. Then, on my thumb, middle finger and pinky, I added a mustache. For my accent nail, I did a tuxedo =) And what's on my index ?? A half-mustache, of course! LOL XD I know, not obvious... it was better on my old manicure :/ So, why did I paint a half-mustache? Well, you'll have to scroll down to the end of this post to find out ^^ 

Mustaches and tux are made with Dandy Nails You Set My Soul Alight (Muse ♥). The others polishes I used are: butter LONDON Disco Biscuit on my thumb, Miss Cop N°43 on my index with a coat of my homemade holo topcoat, China Glaze IDKCult Nails Tempest (the only one I didn't use in my original manicure), KIKO 341 Cobalt Green (green??? yeah sure!) with a coat of my holo topcoat.

Wow I love this nail polish!!! ♥

Aaand, here is the half-mustache answer!

Are you ready?

- 3 -

- 2 -

- 1 -

Tada ! Ok, yes it was obvious, I know... LOL !

For this "Moustache Party", I was also wearing a mustache ring and a mustache necklace ^^ I was dressed up as Thompson (or maybe Thomson?) the fictional character of the comics series "The Adventures of Tintin". Their original French names are Dupont and Dupond... And what's my last name??? Yep, it didn't take me too long to find out a "mustached character" to dress-up as :P

Below is the old pic of this mani with a more "beautiful" half-mustache.

See you next Sunday for another Nailstorming manicure ;)


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