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Nailstorming : Disnails || Pocahontas ♥

Hi guys, happy Sunday! It's time for another Nailstorming =) 

I love the theme of this Sunday: ♥ Disney nails ♥ or Disnails ;) My fave Disney movie is "The Little Mermaid" but I've seen lots of TLM manis lately and I couldn't think of an original one ... So I chose: Pocahontas! Because I love the song "L'air du vent" ("Colors of the Wind" in English) and also cause Avatar was on TV few days ago... And to me, Avatar is the blue version of Pocahontas XD  

So it's not my best nail art... I couldn't create the right color for her skin, her eyes are "too asian" (weirdly my parents guessed that I drew Pocahontas, because of those eyes, lol!) and her mouth doesn't look like a mouth to me...

After two nails, I suddenly remembered that my all-time favorite Disney character was Tinkerbell! I've got the movies in DVD, key-rings... and I also bought a Tinkerbell "Barbie" at Disneyland, lol XD Yep I'm a big fan :P I LOVE fairies ♥ Wish I'd remembered that sooner...

Index : It's (supposed to be) her wonderful hair! 
Cult Nails Nevermore & Kiko 341 Cobalt Green

Middle : Pocahontas's face.
A mix of Miss Cop 43 and Kiko 323 Milk Chocolate for the skin,
Cult Nails Tempest and Nevermore for the eyes,
O.P.I Call Me Gwen-ever for the mouth,
and Kiko 323 Milk Chocolate for the eyebrows, contours etc.

Ring : Her beautiful necklace. I always wanted the same :P
Kiko 341 Cobalt Green, 340 Light Blue & 295 Cerulean Blue + Cult Nails Tempest.

Pinky : Her tattoo.
O.P.I Call Me Gwen-ever.

Thumb : Her "dress".
Can you believe that I have 733 nail polishes but not a single creme beige/camel one, lol!!! 
So I mixed China Glaze Lemon Fizz with Kiko 323 Milk Chocolate,
and I used Lemon Fizz alone for the fringes.

And because I love it so much, here is the video of ♥ L'Air du Vent ♥.

I also have the English version for you (but I prefer the voice of the singer in the French version) 


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