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Favorites of the Week #44

Manicures I loved

(no specific order)

The Nailstorming mani of my friend Caroline @Comme Un Rêve. Love her gradient!


The Nailstorming mani of Mademoiselle Emma and her cute spiders!


The Nailstorming mani of Coco's nails. Love the gradient too!


The Nailstorming mani of Nailucie. Again, I love her gradient :P


The awesome "The Nightmare Before Christmas" manicure of my friend Michaela @The Mani Café.


The Halloween mani of Cristina @The Clockwise Nail Polish. Gradient ♥


The awesome mani of Sarah @Chalkboard Nails :O


The gorgeous swatches of my dear friend Sheila @Pointless Cafe. Love love love the shade she created with Christy!!! (I already ordered it on Harlow&Co! :P)

* * *


The post of Mama Chan about Yankee Candles. 


The great post of C-leen Nail Art from last September, with the recipe (in french) of Cookie mug! I'm totally addicted now!!!


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