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Favorites of the Week #46!

My #01 favorite of the week is the manicure of my friend Shelly @Sassy Shelly. Her watermarble is really gorgeous and this mani is just perfect !

For the following manicures, no specific order...

The swatches of Taboo ♥ by my friend Caroline @Comme un rêve... She reminded me why this polish is in my wishlist for ages... I'm just waiting on a 20% off sale at Sephora to buy it! Last year, I got a coupon for my Birthday so I was hoping to buy Taboo this year with the coupon but I got nothing! Not even an Happy Birthday email! :'(

The very first watermarble of Aurore @Skulls & Polish! Love the color combo!! ♥

The Egyptian mani of Sois Polish! Besides nail polishes I collect 2 things: fairies and everything Ancient Egypte related ♥ so I really love this manicure!!!

The cute snowman of Malanix.

The pretty skittlette of Globe & Nail.

The Poppy Day manicure of Marine Loves Polish.

And... the swatches of the beautiful Mermaid Song by Kelly Brook, by Diamant sur l'Ongle. Unfortunately, there's no New Look shop where I live!


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