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Joyeux Anniversaire Caroline !!!!! ♥

Hi everyone! Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers! Happy Chanukah to my Jewish readers! aaaand HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLINE!!!!! =)
Yep, today is also the birthday of my friend Caroline @Comme un rêve... and to celebrate this special day, I did a mani inspired by her =)

Nail Mail #47 || Amazing package full of polishes muled by Gina ! ♥

In the mailbox this week, THE amazing package sent by my friend Gina ♥

Nailstorming : Crime Scene !

Hi guys! Today, the theme of the Nailstorming is: Crime Scene. After the Doctor Who nail art, I didn't want to do another manicure with lots of nail polishes, cause yesterday my desk was a mess, lol! So I did a very simple Nailstorming...

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary!!! ♥ ♥

Hi everyone! I'm really excited today cause this is the day of the Doctor, finally!! ♥ ♥ Like many other bloggers I'm celebrating this special day with a Doctor Who manicure =)

Favorites of the Week #46!

Nailstorming : Disnails || Pocahontas ♥

Hi guys, happy Sunday! It's time for another Nailstorming =) 
I love the theme of this Sunday: ♥ Disney nails ♥ or Disnails ;) My fave Disney movie is "The Little Mermaid" but I've seen lots of TLM manis lately and I couldn't think of an original one ... So I chose: Pocahontas! Because I love the song "L'air du vent" ("Colors of the Wind" in English) and also cause Avatar was on TV few days ago... And to me, Avatar is the blue version of Pocahontas XD  

Nail Mail - Week #46 || Colors by Llarowe Pre-order etc.

Hi guys ! Here is what I got in the mail this week... 

4 beautiful Colors by Llarowe that I pre-ordered !!! ♥
And because, 4 polishes aren't enough to "justify" the international shipping fees, I added these pretty polishes :

Essence - Oh My Glitter!, Goofy Blue, Lilac is my Style

Hi dear readers! Today, I have 3 other Essence nail polishes for you =)

Favorites of the Week #45

Nailstorming : Tiens-toi à Carreaux!

Hi guys! It's Sunday already... so I have a "Nailstorming" manicure for you =) The theme of today is: "Tiens-toi à carreaux!". It's a French idiom meaning behave, stick to the rules. But the word "carreau" is the french for tile/windowpane/check and that was the real theme of this Sunday. 
I thought the theme would be easy but I was wrong... I tried to do quilted nails, but the result was ugly. My second idea was to use a magnetic polish and the grid design of China Glaze Magnetix II magnet but the design didn't show up on my nails :( The third mani, wasn't great either, but 3 nail arts was enough for me and I gave up! So, I'm sorry for what you will see below :/

Nail Mail - Week #45 || Oh nail mail I missed you :P

NAIL MAIL, YAY!!! It's been a while :P I don't know why but most of my orders have decided to arrive the same week... lol XD
First parcel of the week : my Dance Legend order ♥ They're sooo beautiful, I can't wait to try them =)

* * * * * *
Thursday, I got 3 packages, all from the UK, but only one is polish-related...
#01 : My MoYou order =) 

#02 : Finally bought a Tangle Teezer hairbrush.

#03 : My Yankee Candle order from Amazon ♥

* * * * * *
Friday, I got 2 more packages.
#01 : My Harlow & Co. order: 5 KBShimmer, 2 Girly Bits & 1 Jindie Nails.
Love love love the KBShimmer Blogger/Winter 2013 Collection!!!! Congrats to the bloggers for the pretty amazing polishes they created with Christy, especially my friends Sheila, Lisa, Victoria & Sarah
#02 : I also got 3 Born Pretty Store products to review.

And... that's it :P ♥

Favorites of the Week #44

Nailstorming - Mustache Nails

Hi guys! I almost forgot to share my "Nailstorming" manicure with you. The theme of this Sunday was : "Mustache Nails" for Movember ;)
I already did a Mustache manicure in July 2012 for the "Moustache Party" organised by one of my friend for her birthday but I never blogged it cause I only took one picture and it wasn't great... So, for this Nailstorming, I just recreated the same mani! (Old pic at the end of this post)

Essence Colour & Go: Meet me now!, Princess Prunella & Viva la Green.

Hi guys! It has become a holiday ritual, this week I'm clearing my swatches folder! Today, I'm showing you 3 Essence Colour & Go that I swatched back in November.