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My Stash - Pic Heavy!

Saturday, I shared with you the Top 15 "brands" of my Stash, today I'm going to show you my whole stash and how I store all my nail polishes! 

In my bedroom, between shelves and my desk, I have ONE Helmer, yes only 1, for now :P

My Helmer

On the first drawer, an awesome "Doctor Who" magnet ♥ A gift from my friend Gina, the maker of Red Dog Designs nails polishes =) I put it there, cause in this drawer there's the amazing nail polish "The Doctor" by... Red Dog Designs, eheh :P Not a lie, The Doctor is "really" in !!! LOL XD 

My displays

I made them myself. The first one in 2011, I even wrote a post about it. Two years later, I still haven't decorated them... :/

Now, want to see the inside of my Helmer?

Helmer - Drawer #01

In the first drawer, only Indies (with round bottles): KBShimmer, Girly Bits, NerdLacquer, Red Dog Designs & Dandy Nails.

Helmer - Drawer #02

In the second drawer, mainly Indies: Sea Lore, Penélope Luz, A England (Indie+), Literary Lacquers, Shimmer Polish, Darling Diva, Alter Ego, Cirque, Elevation Polish, Lynnderella, Cadillacquer, I ♥ NP and some others.

Helmer - Drawer #03

In the third drawer, my (amazing) piCture polish and my Ozotics + mainstream brands: butter LONDON, Julep, Nfu Oh, Nubar, Orly, Essie, O.P.I, Color Club, Kiko, Illamasqua, Deborah Lippmann, Dior,...

Helmer - Drawer #04

In the fourth drawer, one side with cylinder bottles: Essence, Catrice, Cult Nails, Nails Inc. Models Own, The Nail Junkie, Takko Lacquer, and on the other side, 2 other mainstream brands: Zoya and China Glaze.

Helmer - Drawer #05

In the fifth drawer, some "cheap" nail polishes : Kleancolor, Yes Love, Sinful Colors, Revlon, Modelite, Cliché, Pure Ice, NYX... And also some Peggy Sage and other Indies that used to be in the 2 first drawers when my Stash was smaller: Whimsical Ideas by Pam, the Hungry Asian, Jindie Nails, Mentality, Ninja Polish, Different Dimension, SoFlaJo, Fever Lacquer, The Polish Bar, Lush Lacquer,...

Helmer - Drawer #06

In the sixth and last drawer: the "special effect" nail polishes, the minis and polishes I can't store vertically.

"Special effect": magnetics (China Glaze, Yes Love and Nails Inc), sand nail polishes (Kiko & Zoya),
jellies (Zoya, The Nail Junkie, Nfu Oh) and color changing (Superficially Colorful).

Minis: Essence (Colour & Go / old & reloaded Twins / Hugs & Kisses), Avril, Sephora, Glitter Gal, Sea Lore, Jindie Nails, Rainbow Honey... and my The New Black Ombré Shades "Graffiti" set.

Polishes stored horizontally: Essence Nail Colour 3 and Bourjois.

The End? Nope! I also have a box with my crackles and old polishes for my series "Swatch Your Old Nail Polishes".

On a shelf above my desk, the beautiful piCture pOlish Focus by Pointless Cafe. This polish is not stored in my Helmer with the other PP cause it's signed by the lovely Sheila ^^


On another shelf, the "Hit the Beach" set by DARE Colors. Nail Art designs by Jacki @Adventures in Acetone (see tutorials on Dare Colors Facebook page)

My basecoats, topcoats, nail art supplies are in my desk drawer but it's a mess so you won't see it :P


Under my bed, I have a Dior box with the nail polishes I'm selling (see my Blog Sale page) !


I swatch all my nail polishes on wheels, organised by colors.

Topper glitters

Glitters "no base color needed"

Nail polishes "dark base color needed"

Glitters in a white base color

My beautiful purples ♥


My beautiful turquoise-teal-aqua polishes ♥

Blue ♥


Gray and silver

Red and Yellow + Orange

Black & White

Brown and gold / beige / nude

Special effect polishes : magnetics, crackles, sands, color changing and jellies

Aaaand that's it! :P


  1. Oh I enjoyed this post so much!
    I am also extremely jealous of how well organized you are, but that's a whole different story ;-)
    Great post!!!


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