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Nailstorming - Halloween

Hi guys! It's Sunday already so it's time for another Nailstorming =) The theme of today is Halloween, yay!!! I love Halloween, cause I love witches, vampires and others creatures... and also because it's the day after my birthday, hehe :P

My Stash - Pic Heavy!

Saturday, I shared with you the Top 15 "brands" of my Stash, today I'm going to show you my whole stash and how I store all my nail polishes! 
In my bedroom, between shelves and my desk, I have ONE Helmer, yes only 1, for now :P
My Helmer

The Top 15 brands of my Stash!

Just wanted to share with you the 15 brands or Indies I have the most in my stash ;)

Kiko #340 Light Blue

Happy Sunday! Usually, Sunday means "Nailstorming"... but I had no inspiration :/ When I saw the theme "In the Air", the first thing to cross my mind was the song "Up in the Air"  of Thirty Seconds to Mars and I couldn't think of anything else, lol!
So I gave up... and instead of a Nailstorming mani, I'm posting the swatches of Kiko #340 Light Blue. But you can also imagine that it's an awesome "In the Air" nail art showing a big blue sky ^^ haha.

The New Black - Ombré Shades: Graffiti + Stamping

Hello dear readers! I don't know if you remember this but few months ago, I swatched an "Ombré shades" set from The New Black. If you missed the post, here it is! But, what I forgot to you tell is that I didn't wear it just like that... I added some stamping.

The New Black - Ombré Shades: Graffiti

Several months ago, I had the chance to be one of the lucky winners of  Nailderella's The New Black Giveaway I got my price - the Ombré Shades set "Graffiti - last June and swatched the polishes right away ♥ but I never uploaded my pics on my blog... don't know why!
So here they are, finally! ;)

Comparison | A England Princess Tears vs. Color Club Fashion Addict!

Hi guys! Today, I have a quick comparison post for you. Well, actually, I did it for me, lol... to see if I could narrow down my stash! But if you were wondering if A-England Princess Tears & Color Club Fashion Addict were dupes, here is the answer ;)

Fräulein 3°8 Crackles

Happy Tuesday dear readers ! Today, I'd like to show you few crackle nail polishes I got 2 years ago (2 years minus 15 days, to be exact, lol). It was a gift from one of my aunt for my 25th birthday ♥ I already swatched the purple one but not the others. The pink polish was completely dry so I re-swatched the purple crackle cause I don't like odd numbers, lol XD and my first swatch wasn't really good so...

Nailstorming: Octobre Rose || piCture pOlish Dream + Cult Nails Tempest.

Happy Sunday! It's been a while since my last "Nailstorming" entry, mostly because of my lack of inspiration... But this Sunday's theme is very important so I had to take part of this nail art challenge. In addition, Friday, I got my Harlow & Co. order, including a gorgeous pink : piCture pOlish Dream ♥ The perfect polish for this "Pink October" manicure =)
So, today, I invite you to "Dream" with me of a future without breast cancer.

Miami Beach nail art for my Guest Post at Smashley Sparkles ♥

Hi everyone! I'm really excited today cause my nails are on Smashley Sparkles!!! =D I'm a big fan of Ashley so I was really honored to guest post for her ♥ To check out my Miami Beach nail art and full post, just click here ;)

Color Club manicure... on short nails!

Hello dear readers!! Few days ago, I told you that I had to shorten all my nails... and that my plan was to post only old manicures until my nails grow to their usual length.
BUT last weekend, I did a Color Club mani on my short nails, and I took pictures, just in case. When I saw the result on my computer, I was a little surprised cause it didn't look as bad as I thought, lol XD So I'd like to show you the short version of my nails :P

Enchanted Polish - Octopus's Garden

Aaaand it's Monday again... Gah, I don't like Mondays! Yeah, I know, I'm not the only one, lol XD But for most people, Monday is the first day of their work week... For me, it's the last day of the weekend and that means that is the day I have to remove the pretty polishes I have on my nails and stay like this for the next 4 days :'( And naked nails make me sad!...
Anyways! Today, I'd like to show you my swatches of a gorgeous polish :
Octopus's Garden by Enchanted Polish

OPI Can't Let Go [Liquid Sand]

Three days ago, I broke a nail... so I had to shorten all of them :'( I hate short nails on me T_T Fortunately, I still have lots of unpublished manicures with my "long" nails! So here are some swatches of OPI Liquid Sand Can't Let Go from last July =)