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My First Skittlette feat. Cult Nails, Kiko & piCture pOlish!

Hi everyone! Today, I'm showing you my very first skittlette =)

For this manicure, I followed ChitChatNails "Skittlette - How to Dress your Nails" guidelines. On my thumb and index, I applied a creme polish. My pants were blue so I chose : Cult Nails Time Traveler. On my middle and ring finger, I stamped some stars over Kiko 359, a color close to the one of my shirt. On my pinky, I applied a silver glitter polish : piCture pOlish Heavy Metal, to match my silver necklace.

I really enjoyed wearing this manicure =) I LOVE skittlettes! ♥ Skittlettes are awesome when you have many untried polishes, cause you can use several of them in only one nail art :P So I guess, this is not the last one you'll see on the blog ^^


You can purchase the polishes used in this mani by clicking the following links:
- Cult Nails : Cult Nails website or Harlow & Co.
- Kiko : Kiko website or in Kiko stores.


  1. What a gorgeous combination, the stars are the perfect final touch.

  2. Love this fun skittlette! Awesome job!

    1. Thank you Jacki!!!! It means a lot coming from you ♥

  3. I love all these colors together! Nice skittlette!


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