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LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS Nails - Thirty Seconds to Mars @ MSF 2013.

Hi guys! On the 5th of July, my friend Caroline @Comme un rêve and I went to the Main Square Festival, an awesome French festival that takes place in our "Région" (= "State" in the US, "Province" in Canada, "County" in the UK, "Land" in Germany... aaand that's all I know :P). Program of the day : Thirty Seconds to Mars + Green Day, YAY!!! It was absolutely awesome!!!! ♥

As a nail art addict and a big fan of 30STM, I had to create a special manicure to wear at the show. For those who follow me on Instragram, you may already have seen this nail art... but for the others, here is my manicure inspired by the cover of the new 30STM album : ♥ LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS ♥

I was so glad to see this band again... the show was awesome! Amazing band, great staging... and I was so happy to see Caroline again!!! ♥ She is one of the sweetest person I know, I'm so grateful to have her as a friend. We met online through the French forum of Justin Nozuka, she was the only other member living in the North of France like me :P Later, we met IRL for concerts and we became friends. She lives 1 hour and a half away from me, so we don't see each other very often. But we have some music interests in common, so when there's a concert of someone we both like we never miss the opportunity to meet up =D

We went to our first Thirty Seconds to Mars concert together in November 2011. It was the best concert of my life. Some fans are really REALLY crazy but the atmosphere was sooo incredible...  The only bad thing I remember is the huge blisters I got on my feet, lol XD That happens when you Jump! Jump! Jump! all night long... AND when you had an epic endless walk (or should I say race?) between the parking lot and the concert hall to grab your ticket to the show before the closing of the counter!!! -_-' I missed the opening band, but I was just on time for Thirty Seconds to Mars!

And the day after this show, (even if my mani was a disaster) I turned Caroline into a NPA. *proud* In November 2012, a year after the beginning of her addiction, she created her awesome blog : Comme un rêve... ♥ And FYI, she also make and sell cute jewelry : Comme un rêve... bijoux! 

Tired of reading? Here are the pics of my Love Lust Faith + Dreams nails (finally!) =P

For this nail art, I used several nail polishes... and I won't list them all :P The white base is made of 2 coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and 1 coat of Essence Top of the Ice-Stream. I drew the Thirty Seconds to Mars glyphs and the Triad with a black nail art pen. For the dots, I chose the closest colors I found in my stash to reproduce the Damien Hirst artwork used on the cover of LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS.

I discovered Thirty Seconds to Mars through US online friends in 2004... almost 10 years ago!!! ♥ Back then, they had only released their first album and they were unknown here in France. In 10 years, I only heard 2 of their songs on the French radios, "King and Queens" in 2009 and "Up in the Air" this year... 

The reason why I'm showing you this nail art now is that MARS is Coming to France again in February 2014 and of course Caroline and I won't miss this!!! I already bought my ticket to the show, I'm so excited!!!!! Can't wait to see them live again!! Can't wait to jump until I get blisters for the third time, haha XD

Thirty Seconds to Mars has been nominated for 3 MTV Europe Music Awards!!!
You can help them win Best Alternative by voting HERE and Biggest Fans HERE =)


  1. Awesome mani for an awesome band!!

  2. How cute is this!!! I love the colors and dots is always my favoirte when it comes to nailart.


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