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LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS Nails - Thirty Seconds to Mars @ MSF 2013.

Hi guys! On the 5th of July, my friend Caroline @Comme un rêve and I went to the Main Square Festival, an awesome French festival that takes place in our "Région" (= "State" in the US, "Province" in Canada, "County" in the UK, "Land" in Germany... aaand that's all I know :P). Program of the day : Thirty Seconds to Mars + Green Day, YAY!!! It was absolutely awesome!!!! ♥
As a nail art addict and a big fan of 30STM, I had to create a special manicure to wear at the show. For those who follow me on Instragram, you may already have seen this nail art... but for the others, here is my manicure inspired by the cover of the new 30STM album : ♥ LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS ♥

SYONP #08: Another skittlette...

Hi guys! Today I'm showing you another Swatch Your Old Nail Polishes manicure with a skittlette that I did last September.

SYONP #07: A old polishes only skittlette!

Hello dear readers! The nail art I have for you today is a skittlette I did last September for my series "Swatch Your Old Nail Polishes". Unlike other SYONP manicures, this one is entirely made with old nail polishes.