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Review: Born Pretty Store - Silicone Stamping Plate [A25]

C'est les vacaaaances!!!! Hi everyone! I have big big smile on my face for few hours cause today was my "last" day of work! Hello Summer Holidays =) Woohoo!!!!!! I'm sooo happy!

Well, enough of me... I have a review for you today :D

For this mani, I used Essence Top of the Ice-Stream as base color (check out my swatches here). Then, I stamped the designs of the Born Pretty Store Silicone Stamping Plate A25 with 2 BarryM Gelly: Guava & Blackberry!

This silicone stamping plate is a stamping plate and a stamper at the same time.

Step 1. Just apply nail polish on the plate, like on usual stamping plates.

Step 2. Turn the plate upside down and stamp several times on sheet of paper to remove the excess.


Step 3. Check the designs. If there's polish in designs you don't want to use, take a toothpick and remove the unwanted designs only.

Step 4. Use the plate as a stamper and stamp the design on your nail. And that's it!



As you don't have to scrap the excess, it's easier to use several polishes. You can place colors exactly where you want them to be. Here are few more pics of the full mani :

You can buy this Born Pretty Store Silicone Stamping Plate HERE at the sale price of $1.99, instead of $3.99. Check out the other stamping plates and all the nail art supplies they have =) Don't forget that if you use my code "AAL91" you get 10% off. They also have worldwide FREE shipping!!!


You can follow Born Pretty Store here :
* This silicone stamping plate was sent to me for my honest review. Please see my disclosure page for more information.


  1. Can you please come over and do my nails?
    I have a couple of these plates for almost a year now, and I still wasn't able to get them to stamp on my nails :(
    You're is so pretty!!!
    And your review is awesome. I think I will give them another try now ;)

    1. Haha well I'd love that =) ♥
      Thank you so much! It was my first try maybe I got lucky XD
      Thank you you're so sweet! Let me know if it works for you now :P

  2. I love this design and the color are perfect! So beautiful!

  3. These are so cool! How is the learning curve on using these kinds of plates after using regular plates/stampers?


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