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KIKO 359 - Light Peach

Hi everyone! Hope you're doing great! =) I'm in a pretty good mood cause holidays are so close for me! :P I can't wait!!! 4 weeks of holidays = 4 weeks to wear nail polish, everyday, and not only during the weekends, yay! 

Today, I'm showing you a light peach by Kiko. First time I wear a peach polish!!!!

It was really difficult to capture the accurate color of this Kiko 359, so I used Gimp curves adjustment tool to color correct those photos.

I applied 2-3 coats of Kiko 359 in the pics, no topcoat.

It's not my type of color, so I don't see myself wearing this polish on its own, like in these swatches. It's not purple or blue or teal so... lol! And I need designs on light shades or I feel weird, well I'm weird! XD  And indeed, it was a great base color for my review of Born Pretty stickers that I hope to post this weekend :) I like this polish so much so that I used it again in another manicure last weekend ♥

Kiko nail polishes can be purchase in Kiko stores and online on Kiko Cosmetics.


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