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Elevation Polish Avalanche! on a blue gradient.

SYONP #05: Agnès b. Rose Sunset (mini b.)

Hello dear readers! Today, I have a new "Swatch Your Old Nail Polish" mani for you.

Nailstorming: Océan, Sea-Reines & Coquillages!

Today, it's Sunday! And Sunday means : Nailstorming!!! :) The theme of this Sunday is : Océan, Sea-Reines & Coquillages!
Need translation?   Océan = Ocean (ok that was easy!),  Sea-Reines (pun inside) = Mermaids ("sirènes" in french) or Sea-Queens  Coquillages = Shells

Nail Mail - Week #33 || I love my friends ♥

Wow, I haven't written a nail mail post in ages.... Here are the amazing things I got the past few weeks and I'm starting with week #33 because I got a super awesome package from my friends Ashley @Ashley is Polishaddicted ♥
Ashley muled lots of nail polishes for me, again, she's sooo sweet ♥ and she also muled the pretty ring below that I bought through my friend Kim @The Ides of Polish.

I bought 2 amazing Neon Shimmer Jellies from my friend Aleta @The Nail Junkie: Blueberry and Strawberry ♥


SoFlaJo My Sign's Aqua-rium ♥ OMG, I love this color!!! 

Different Dimension Whatever & My Highlighter Exploded.

Mentality Rogue & Rowdy.

My Llarowe order (free US shipping!) : Elevation Polish Malaspina Glacier (Llarowe exclusive!), Elevation Polish / CrowsToes duo : Too F*%#ing Hot & Too F*%#ing Cold, Girly Bits Bachelor's Button and Contrary Polish Aruba.

China Glaze Hologlam When Stars Collide and 3 Zoya Pixie Dust : Stevie, Liberty & Solange.

SYONP #04 : Pink Skittlette!

Swatch Your Old Nail Polishes - Episode #04 Old polish of today : Agnès b. Lilas Butterfly

Texture Saran Wrap || Kiko Sugar Mat 641 + Zoya Solange ♥

Hi dear readers! Today, I'd like to show you a mani I did using the saran wrap method. (macro at this end of this post, and in the butterfly as usual)

Kiko Sugar Mat 641 Strawberry Pink

Hi guys! Today, I have a Kiko Sugar Mat to show you. These are swatches I did last August before I tried to do my texture saran wrap.

SYONP - Episode #03 : Agnès b. Rose Cashmere

Hi guys ! It's time for another episode of the series Swatch Your Old Nail Polishes
The old polish of today is Rose Cashmere by Agnès b. It was a gift with one of my orders. I don't remember exactly when I got it but it was a long long time ago.

China Glaze Magnetix - Pull Me Close (+ matte version)

Today on the blog... another "old" mani.

SYONP - Episode #02 : ▲ Purple Triangles ▼

The old polish of today is also from the brand Miss Europe. It's a metallic purple with no name...I bought it when I was in high school, so yes it's pretty old, haha XD Metallic nail polishes aren't really my thing anymore, and I couldn't just swatch it alone, so I grabbed 2 other purple polishes and I did a triangle manicure =)

Peggy Sage // Mystic Violine

Yesterday, or maybe the day before... - holidays make you lose track of time ^^ - I was sorting out my nails pics and I came across my swatches of the beautiful Mystic Violine by Peggy Sage... But a dark purple polish and a black background... it was like looking at fingers with no nails just black holes! So I threw them away without any regrets.
I grabbed my bottle of Mystic Violine, applied 2 coats (over my basecoat), 1 of topcoat and I switched my usual black background for a white one...

Swatch your old nail polishes - Episode #01 : Miss Europe (no name)

Hi guys! Old polish but new pictures today =) I recently reorganized my stash list by date of purchase, and First In First Swatched is my new policy :P
The nail polish of today's post is a veeeery old polish. The shop where I bought this Miss Europe is closed for like 10 years... yep! And this polish is so old that it has no name :(

Kleancolor - Luscious Lilac #124

Today, I will be showing you the swatches of Kleancolor Luscious Lilac, the polish I used as base color for my first "Swatch You Old Nail Polishes" post.

Review: Born Pretty Store Gold Embossed Stickers

Gah, it feels so good to not wake up at 4:30 am :) :) :) #loveholiday :P Ready for another review? 

Review: Born Pretty Store - Silicone Stamping Plate [A25]

C'est les vacaaaances!!!! Hi everyone! I have big big smile on my face for few hours cause today was my "last" day of work! Hello Summer Holidays =) Woohoo!!!!!! I'm sooo happy!
Well, enough of me... I have a review for you today :D

Elevation Polish - Pic du Gar ♥

Hello ladies and gents! Today, I have a gorgeous Indie polish for you ♥

Essence Snow Jam #04: Top of the Ice-Stream

In addition to my Nailstorming manicure, I have some swatches to you. It's a polish by Essence, from the Snow Jam collection.

Nailstorming - Les Pois / Dots!

Hi dear readers! I'm super excited to show you the manicure I've done for this Nailstorming =)
With the piCture pOlish Blog Fest I had no time for last week theme... But this Sunday, I absolutely wanted to take part of the Nailstorming because the theme is easier :P AND because the design I chose is inspired by a manicure of one of my nail blogger friend : Silver aka The Silverinator ♥ To see her beautiful mani: click here.

KIKO 359 - Light Peach

Hi everyone! Hope you're doing great! =) I'm in a pretty good mood cause holidays are so close for me! :P I can't wait!!! 4 weeks of holidays = 4 weeks to wear nail polish, everyday, and not only during the weekends, yay! 
Today, I'm showing you a light peach by Kiko. First time I wear a peach polish!!!!