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Review: Born Pretty Store - Gold Chain 1,6mm.

 It's time for another Born Pretty review :) The second product I chose is a gold chain. I want to try a mani with a chain for a while now, because of a great mani by The Nailasaurus, but I didn't know where to get one.  I have now my answer : Born Pretty Store.

You can choose the color (gold or silver), and the size (2mm or 1,6mm).

To cut the chain I took a pair of needle-nose pliers I always keep in my drawer. For straight lines, it's pretty easy to place the chain. But for the other designs, it wasn't a piece of cake! XD

 I followed these steps :
1.  First, apply a small drop of topcoat to fix one of the ends.
2.  Apply topcoat where you want to put the chain.
3.  Place the chain and let it dry for few seconds.
4.  Then, add topcoat to seal the designs.
5. Remove the excess around the chain.

The base is Kiko #245 Plum Red. You can see pics of #245 alone here. I think the gold looks pretty great over this dark red.

You can buy this gold chain (100 cm!) on Born Pretty Store HERE for $2.99. They have a brand new (and pretty) website and lots of nail art stuff =) Don't forget that if you use my code "AAL91" you get 10% off. They also have worldwide FREE shipping!!!


* This gold chain was sent to me for my honest review. Please see my disclosure page for more information.


  1. Gorgeous! This would be fun for a one-night stunning look. Did you put topcoat on/around the chain itself?

    1. Thank you!
      I knew I forgot to talk about something, lol! Yes I put topcoat on and around the chain :)


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