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My entry for Superficially Colorful's giveaway ♥

Hi guys! Today I have a nail art inspired by my dear friend Jin Jit @Superficially Colorful ♥ to show you =) This is my entry for her birthday giveaway. To enter, click here!

Alter Ego Naval Navigator || Original vs. New Version Comparison

Hi guys! I have a beautiful polish to show you today... well, actually I have 2 ! Recently Cynthia, the lady behind Alter Ego, has changed the formula of the base she uses for her polishes. Few weeks ago, I got in the mail a bottle of the new Naval Navigator that Cynthia sent me to make a comparison between the new version and the old one, that I bought last December.

Nail Mail - Week #24 || Elevation Polish & Darling Diva Polish.

And during week #24, I got these amazing polishes ♥
My pretty huge Elevation order :P The entire View From The Top collection, cause every single polish from this collex is gorgeous!
In addition, I bought 4 other polishes and Lulu has sent a 10th one!!!! Thank you Lulu, I LOVE Dark Cloud ♥

Second package : my Darling Diva Polish order :)
Carrie sent this mini Dreamy with my order! Thank you Carrie!

Nail Mail - Week #22 || Sea Lore, Deborah Lippmann & The New Black.

Hhere is what I got during week #22:
A package from my dear friend Jamie. I bought her new collection and to save on shipping she muled the new Deborah Lippmann Mermaids I bought ♥

 Jamie also sent me these goodies =D

Second package of the week, my giveaway prize from Karine Nailderella's giveaway :)

Comparison | Purple nail polishes.

Hi guys! This weekend I'm clearing my nails pictures folder :) Here is a comparison I made last month when I was trying to get rid of some of my polishes, to free some space in my drawers.

Review: Born Pretty Store - White Nail Art Pen

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't written since Tuesday :( I have an allergic conjunctivitis, so I had to stay away from the computer for few days, but I'm better now.
So, today, I'm going to show you four designs I created on my nails with a Nail Art Pen from Born Pretty Store.

Review: Born Pretty Store - Gold Chain 1,6mm.

It's time for another Born Pretty review :) The second product I chose is a gold chain. I want to try a mani with a chain for a while now, because of a great mani by The Nailasaurus, but I didn't know where to get one.  I have now my answer : Born Pretty Store.

Review: Born Pretty Store - Silver Foil.

Hi guys!!! I have been busy lately and haven't got time to blog :( I've tried 3 Born Pretty Store products last weekend and I'm only showing these now... The First one is the Silver Foil!