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Ninja Polish Divinity ♥

Hello readers!!! Today I have the amazing Divinity by Ninja Polish to show you. I won this polish from Pointless Cafe's giveaway and I'm sooo happy cause it's gorgeous ♥

Divinity is a absolutely amazing! It's made of color-shifting shimmer in a purple jelly base. Pictures are 3 coats of Divinity, NO underwear, NO topcoat!!!

Most of the time, it will look like this :

But when you look at your nails from another angle, magic happens ♥
(gif picture ^^)

:O LOVE!!! ♥

Here are some swatches under daylight bulb, "normal angle" :

And when you start to change of point of view...

↓ I made another gif for you, if you don't see it you can click on the picture ↓

Want some close-up?

(You can click on the pictures to see them bigger)



Like I said, Divinity is absolutely AMAZING!!!! I love the purple jelly base in this polish. It's opaque in 2-3 coats, no need to layer it over another polish like you have to do with Max Factor Fantasy Fire or other polishes like that.

You can buy Divinity on Ninja Polish website for $11.


  1. It is indeed amazing and it is on its way to me now!! weeee!!! can't wait to try it out!!!


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