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Essence Nail Art Twins Reloaded - #02 Romeo & Julia.

First... did you guys check out Ninja Polish front page since yesterday? No!? Well, guess whose nails are on it? Woohoo, I'm so happy, it feels like I'm famous or something, lol! I know I'm not, I'm just a tiny french blogger but it feels like it :P

So, today, I have the duo #02 of the Nail Art Twins Reloaded to show you.

Julia, the glitter topper, is made of lavender and silver holo hexes, and lavender micro-glitter. Pictures are one coat of Julia over Romeo, without top coat.

Julia over Romeo, under daylight bulb, no light tent 
I first took pictures under my daylight spot, outside light tent, but the glitter color wasn't really accurate. I usually don't use my light tent, cause it kind of  "mattifies" the polishes, and I like shiny swatches :P But it was useful here ;)

Julia over Romeo, under daylight bulb and light tent
See the difference?! So, sorry if my nails aren't shiny, but I just do my best to show you the most accurate pictures. Cause, there's no point in showing you my pictures, if it doesn't reflect reality. 

Romeo, the colour base of the duo, is a beautiful purple. I used 2 coats of Romeo in the pictures below.


Essence Nail Art Twins can be bought from few shops in Europe. I bought mine from Maquillalia, a Spanish website, cause Essence polishes aren't sold where I live. They're also now available on Ninja Polish ^^


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