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Ninja Polish Divinity ♥

Hello readers!!! Today I have the amazing Divinity by Ninja Polish to show you. I won this polish from Pointless Cafe's giveaway and I'm sooo happy cause it's gorgeous ♥

Divinity is a absolutely amazing! It's made of color-shifting shimmer in a purple jelly base. Pictures are 3 coats of Divinity, NO underwear, NO topcoat!!!
Most of the time, it will look like this :

But when you look at your nails from another angle, magic happens ♥ (gif picture ^^)

:O LOVE!!! ♥

KIKO 243 Plum Red

Hi ladies! Today, I have a beautiful nail polish on my nails : Kiko #243 (Plum Red). It's really gorgeous!!! ♥ I didn't know I'll like so much when I bought it XD

Glitter Gal - Frappe 3D Holo.

Hi guys! Hope you're doing great =)
Today, I'm going to show you a lovely holo polish by Glitter Gal : Frappe 3D/Holo. I've already used it before in another post - see here (Warning: old mani, short nails!) - but when I reorganized my stash in my brand new helmer, I noticed that this polish wasn't pink like it used to be, but a bit more violet! So I wanted to swatch it layered over a violet polish, and I chose The Nail Junkie Violet.

Essence Nail Art Twins Reloaded - #03 Carrie & Mr Big.

Hello dear NPAs! Here is the third and last duo of the Essence Nail Art Twins Reloaded Collection.

Essence Nail Art Twins Reloaded - #02 Romeo & Julia.

First... did you guys check out Ninja Polish front page since yesterday? No!? Well, guess whose nails are on it? Woohoo, I'm so happy, it feels like I'm famous or something, lol! I know I'm not, I'm just a tiny french blogger but it feels like it :P
So, today, I have the duo #02 of the Nail Art Twins Reloaded to show you.

Essence Nail Art Twins Reloaded - #01 Edward & Bella.

Hello ladies (and gents)! Today, a have a duo of polish to show you =)

Nail Mail - Week #20 || Ninja Polish + Muled polishes + Giveaway prize!

In the mailbox this week...
Only one package, but an AMAZING package from my friend Rhonni. In this package : 5 pretty awesome polishes ♥

2 polishes Rhonni has muled for me : Illamasqua Raindrops and the one and only Dior Liquorice. I bought them from my friend Kim @The Ides of Polish, but I was so scared that Royal Mail would destroy my lovely polishes that I asked Kim to send them along with others polishes she was sending to Rhonni via FedEx.OMG I can't believe I finally have these polishes in my hands, thank you so much ladies ♥
2 NerdLacquer I bought from Ninja Polish a long time ago but Rhonni kept them until she received the polishes from Kim to save on shipping ♥
And the awesome Ninja Polish Divinity, the prize I won from Pointless Cafe's giveaway, woohoo!!!

Red Dog Designs - Purple Pieman [Berry Friends Collection]

I'm sad... it's the last polish of the collex I have to show :'( lol! But it's also my fave ♥

Red Dog Designs - Raspberry Tart [Berry Friends Collection]

Hi guys! The fourth polish of the Red Dog Designs Berry Friends Collection is on the blog today. It's purple so of course it's gorgeous :P

Red Dog Designs - Lemon Meringue [Berry Friends Collection]

Today, I have the amazing Lemon Meringue by Red Dog Designs to show you. I usually hate yellow but I loved this one the second I saw the first swatches! And it's actually the first Berry Friend I applied on my nails cause I really couldn't wait to see it on me.

Red Dog Designs - Blueberry Muffin [Berry Friends Collection]

Hello dear readers! Today I will you show another Red Dog Designs from the Berry Friends collection.

Red Dog Designs - Strawberry Shortcake [Berry Friends Collection]

Hi everyone! I got the amazing Berry Friends collection by Red Dog Designs in the mail this week and I couldn't wait any longer... I had to swatch them all!!!
I'll start with Strawberry Shortcake, cause there would be no Berry Friends without Strawberry Shortcake! =)

Nail Mail - Week #19 || Red Dog Designs, piCture pOlish, Kiko, Born Pretty Store & Ikea!

In the mailbox this week...
My Red Dog Designs order : Berry Friends Collection + Summershine for MNPO.

My piCture pOlish order =)

A new Kiko order of my friend Solange at Naillacqueraddict.

The 2 rows at the bottom are for me though :P

A package from Born Pretty Store with 3 new products to review =)

(Not in the mailbox) Yesterday my parents came back home with 2 helmers for me, YAY! My first helmers!!!!! One for my nail polish stash, and the other one for my make up, jewelry etc.

OPI Black Spotted - Dracula Nails!

Last year, Caroline @Comme un rêve and I saw a musical called "Dracula, L'Amour plus fort que la Mort" (= Dracula, Love stronger than Death). It was my first musical and it was great! I'm not really into french music, but Caroline convinced me when she said the lead roles (Dracula and Mina) were dancers and not singer/actor! And the choreographies were pretty amazing! ♥
So when 2 NPA meet for a Dracula musical, obviously they have Dracula Nails! ^^ I had to do them the day before, quickly after work, and it was a mess... I even fell asleep on my still wet thumb, LOL XD So pictures were really ugly! That's why I didn't blog this mani and why I had to redo it!
Here are the new pictures ;)

Glitter Gal Copper 3D Holo

Today, I have the second step of my "Dracula Nails" for you! I applied 1 thin coat of Glitter Gal Copper 3D Holo over Essence Fame Fatal, no topcoat.

Essence Fame Fatal (Colour & Go 114)

Oh red nail polish... I don't really like you on my nails, lol! If you know me a little, you know that red isn't favorite nail polish color... It's just too "femme fatale" for me!
So when I was looking for a red nail polish to use for nail art, cause everyone need at least one red polish, I came across this red by Essence, with THE perfect name ^^

Yay for daylight bulbs! and new nail shape...

Hello dear readers! Here is a short post to show you the difference between 2 pics of the same polish. Yesterday, I blogged my swatches of Dandy Nails Chilled Down, but it wasn't the first time I had this polish on my nails. I used it when I got it last December. Of course, I took pics BUT I thought they didn't do justice to the beauty of this polish. So I re-swatched it this weekend thinking my pictures would be better now with my daylight spots. And they are!!! See it for yourself!

- No Photoshop used -
The lighting is way better now, the color is more accurate, no yellow-orange reflection of the bulb, the gold micro-flakes are now sparkling and beautiful like they are IRL...! Yay, for daylight spots ♥
But my pic isn't better just because of the light... I also "kind of " changed my nail shape few weeks ago. I simply don't let my nails grow too long anymore and thus they are less curved, and it's prettier IMO =) What do you think?

Dandy Nails - Chilled Down ♥

I'm really excited to show you today one of my favorite polish.

Comparison | Brown nail polishes.

Today, I got a comparison post for you. My stash keeps growing and growing and I'm running out of storage space... So I'm doing comparisons to help me decide which nail polish I must keep and which ones I can get rid of.

Superficially Colorful Lacquer Provocative & Dandy Nails Another Heart Breaks

Hello dear readers! Today, I will you show you an AMAZING polish made by my friend Jin Jit @ Superficially Colorful and I can't even tell you how much I love it ♥ This polish named Provocative is from her color-changing collection "Mood Swings".

Nail Mail - Week #18

In this mailbox this week... nothing :'(

But this post is made to let you know that I spent 2 months without Blogger, but not without nail mail! ^^ It's just that I couldn't let you know what I got in the mail in the past few weeks, but there was loads of stuff  =P So I did 1 post per week, and I changed the date for the date that I should have write the post → OCD XD

French manicure!?

Today, I have another old mani to show you, a French manicure I did last year.