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Review: Born Pretty Store - Acrylic Powders & Monomer #01

Hi guys!!!!!! I'm so excited to finally be able to post this review =)

So, the last products from Born Pretty Store I chose to review are acrylic powder & acrylic liquid (monomer). My very first try was a free hand bow, because there is a video tutorial on the acrylic powder page on BPS showing how to create a bow with acrylic powder. But it wasn't a success :/ So I bought 3D molds... 

Here are the pictures of my first attempts:

Yeah, not amazing right?!...

For these nail arts I used :
- Acrylic Liquid / Monomer from Born Pretty Store,
- Acrylic powders from Born Pretty Store,
- 3D Molds, brush and little glass containers (for the liquids),
- Acetone, to clean the brush.

[OMG, I have to confess this... it was the very first time I BOUGHT and USE acetone for nail art purpose in my all life!!! I used to use acetone in my microbiology class to clean the laboratory tables, but that's all!!! And I had to look everywhere in the store before I found a bottle, lol! But, now I know where all the "cleaning" solvents like acetone and white spirit are stored ^^] 

Nail art #01 : my free hand bow attempt.

Polish : Mavala Los Angeles.
Acrylic bow : red acrylic powder (cause there is no black powder in the set I got) + black acrylic paint.
Dots : Konad White.


Nail art #02 : beach nail.

Polish : Alter Ego Beachcomber.
Acrylic starfish & shells : yellow acrylic powder and a 3D mold.
"Waves" : white and silver Flexbrush stripers.


Nail art #03 : Valentine nail. 

Polish : Girly Bits Hot Shot.
Acrylic hearts : red acrylic powder and a 3D mold + China Glaze Fairy Dust.
Lines :  white and silver Flexbrush stripers + Girly Bits A Mother's Love.

Even if I'm not really good at acrylic nail art, it was pretty easy to use, especially with the molds :P And it was really fun!!!! Except for the smell of the monomer, not fun at all! This thing really stinks, lol, but that's monomer so... I used a Chinese balm made with peppermint oil that I applied under my nose to cover the smell ^^

Stay tuned for review #02 ;)

You can buy the set of 12 acrylic powder here for $6.16 and the bottle of acrylic liquid here for $3.50. And if you use my code you get 10% off your order with free shipping worldwide!!!

* Acrylic powder & liquid were sent to me for my honest review. Please see my disclosure page for more information.


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