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Nails matching my shirt!

Ladies and gents, today I will show you a very old mani.... from April 2012!!! O_O I don't know why it's not already on my blog cause I loved this mani. It's not Amazing but I just liked that it matched my shirt, ahah XD

Nail Mail - Week #17 || Marissa small package + Essence & Catrice Haul!

Last week I got, the second package from my friend Marissa ♥

and I also got these amazing goodies! ♥


And here is my Essence & Catrice haul!!!! =)

Review: Born Pretty Store - Acrylic Powders & Monomer #02

My first acrylic free hand design wasn't a success, but I couldn't stop there... So I tried again!! This time, I chose to free hand flowers 

Review: Born Pretty Store - Acrylic Powders & Monomer #01

Hi guys!!!!!! I'm so excited to finally be able to post this review =)
So, the last products from Born Pretty Store I chose to review are acrylic powder & acrylic liquid (monomer). My very first try was a free hand bow, because there is a video tutorial on the acrylic powder page on BPS showing how to create a bow with acrylic powder. But it wasn't a success :/ So I bought 3D molds... 
Here are the pictures of my first attempts:

Nail Mail - Week #16 || Kiko with Solange & big package from Marissa! ♥

Lookie what I got during week #16 ^^ Yep Gina wasn't my only mule, there was also Marissa! :) ♥ I LOVE YOU MARISSA ♥

Zoya Aurora

Sorry I've been M.I.A. :(

Ok so if you read my last post, you know that I experienced some trouble with Blogger lately. Everything began like a month and a half ago... at this time my problem was just that the pictures on blogs  were loading very slowly, and I just thought it was a problem with my internet. Few days later, I couldn't see one single picture, just the text and for that I had to refresh the page several times. I took me few hours to publish my previous post!!! :'(
Then, 3 weeks ago, all I could see was a error message everytime I tried to load Blogger blogs, INCLUDING MINE!!!! And it got worse cause Blogger wasn't the only problem, I had no access to my Google Drive (meaning: no nail polish wishlist :/ ), no Youtube and other Google things (except Google search)... I tried to google my problem but all my researches leaded to Google help website and of course : error message, gah!
So now, obviously, it's working again, otherwise I couldn't write this, lol! But after many weeks…

Nail Mail - Week #15 || AMAZING Nail Mail from Gina ♥ ♥ ♥

Because of the new USPS shipping rates, I had to ask some of my friends to mule some polish for me. I placed few orders that were sent to them and then they put everything together in one package to save on shipping. And week #15, I got an AMAZING nail mail from my dear friend Gina, who is an awesome mule ^^ ♥ I LOVE YOU GINA! ♥

I bought some of her polishes, of course! cause they're amazing!!!

Gina also got me these Zoya & OPI Liquid Sand.

and she's a pretty sneaky liar cause she told me she could only fit like 12 polishes in the envelope, but she added this:

Nail Mail - Week #14 || Mug, Threadless Tees, Cadillacquer & remover pump.

During week #14, I got several things but not only nail mail... :P
* * *