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Pink Glitter Gradient French Tips and Acrylic Flower ✿

Hi guys! Here is another mani I found in my "nails pics" folder this weekend.

Penélope Luz Ocean Jewel over Essence Nail Colour 3 #01 + Floral design ✿

Essence City That Never Sleeps [Nail Colour 3]

First, sorry for the pictures you're about to see... they're not really great :/ As I promised you, here is the other nail polish from the duo Nail Colour 3 #01.

Essence Midnight Date [Nail Colour 3]

Nail Mail - Week #10 || Harlow & Co, Kiko Sugar Mat & NerdLacquer ♥

Lookie what I got during week #10!
* *

The Nail Junkie Violet + Penélope Luz Love Me Tender + flower and stamping!

Aaaand here is the last step of my violet manicure :D

Penélope Luz - Love me Tender ♥

Step 2 of 3, of the manicure I began in the post of yesterday, with Penélope Luz - Love me Tender

The Nail Junkie - Violet ✿

At the beginning of my holidays, I did a mani I really like. I took pics of each "step" and was planning to do one single post with all of them. Now, I'm not really sure about it anymore... too many pics for one blog post, in my opinion.
So here is the first of the 3 steps of my manicure : The Nail Junkie Violet.

Comparison | Essence Shopping Trip in Soho vs. Ultimate Pink!

Few days ago, I reorganized my stash and it just jumped out at me... I have too many nail polishes, lol! So I've decided to do some comparisons and maybe get rid of some of them eventually. I took some pics in case some of you would be interested ;)

Ultimate Pink is from the Colour & go collection, and Shopping Trip in Soho from the Nail Colour3.