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#The Sunday Nail Battle || Naked Nails

Hi guys! I just noticed that I forgot to translate in English my second Sunday Nails Battle post. I usually write my post in English first, but as the SNB is organised by French-speaking ladies I write those posts in French first. So here is the translation.

✿ Naked Nails! 

I have naked nails at least 4 days a week because of my job, and it can be more if I'm lazy on the weekends. So yep they have enough time to "breath" and thanks to that they are not yellow. Here are the nails beneath the polish ^^ 

As you can see there is a rebel XD The nail of my index doesn't grow like the others, the shape isn't the same. And in addition, if I want all my nails the same size, I mean the entire nails, not the free edges, I have to let my index's nail grow longer. Yep with naked nails that's not great but when my nails are covered with nail polish... well... I'm a nail blogger, I can't let a nail look shorter than the others!!! 

And now, here is my nail routine and products I use ;)

First, if needed, I file my nails. The files I used at the moment are a gift from my friend Ana (and it's her real name ^^)

Then, every week, I use Orly Cutique to remove the unsightly cuticles (I use it on my toes too).

After torturing those poor cuticles, lol, I like to moisturize and nourish them. I have many products : cream, balm, oil.. that I use depending on my mood.

The Nail Junkie Cutie Balm + Orly Cuticle Therapy Creme + Sally Hansen Cuticle Care + Different Dimension Balm

I only use the Cuticle Therapy Creme by Orly before bedtime, because the smell is not amazing. But as my nails are stronger since I use it, I keep using it :) If I want my fingers to smell lovely I use Different Dimension cuticle balm "Butt Naked in Bed". Yep that's a weird name, lol, but it smells yummy!!! And I can take it everywhere with me. ^^ I also have Sally Hansen Vitamin E cuticle oil and The Nail Junkie Cutie Balm.

The Nail Junkie Cutie Balm

After the cuticles, I take care of my hands. I also have many products and they are everywhere in my room to keep at least one handy.

LUSH Dream Cream + Le Petit Marseillais Crème réparatrice + Essence Protection Balm + OPI Avojuice
In my bag, I always have a mini bottle of OPI Avojuice. At the moment, it's "cran & berry", but my fave is "ginger lily" :

 Unfortunately, my bottle is empty. But if I find a BIG bottle I could refill the little one, eheh :P

On my feet, I use the Fair Trade Foot Lotion by LUSH every night. It smell like chewing-gum and I LOVE IT!!!! ♥

Now, let's talk basecoat.

Duri Rejuvacote + Orly Bonder + Orly Nail Rescue + Poshé Anti-microbial basecoat
When I swatch, polish doesn't last long on my nails so I use my oldest basecoat Orly Bonder. If it's for a full mani, I apply Orly Nail Defense or Rejuvacote when it's for few daysAnd on my toe nails, I use Poshé Anti-microbial basecoat =)

I only have 3 topcats.

Poshé Super-fast drying topcoat + Gelous + Cult Nails Wicked Fast
Same as for basecoats, my oldest topcoat the Poshé one is used when I swatch. For full mani, I use Wicked Fast by Cult Nails, that I got for free with an order. If I wear a glitter polish, I apply 1 coat of Gelous before topcoat when needed. 

The bad guy of my nail stories is the nail polish remover by Inell Beauty, it's a cheap retailer's brand remover! Non acetone, of course! cause I don't even know where (or if) you can buy a nail polish remover with acetone here, I have never seen a bottle of it in my life, lol!

When I have a broken nail, I use Orly Nail Rescue to repair it. 

And that's it ;)



  1. I was loving this post! We use A LOT of the same products! So you can imagine how thrilled I was to see "Cutie Balm" on your list! Thanks for sharing!

    1. eheh, you're welcome, I LOVE your Cutie Balm ;)

  2. I am definitely putting "Cutie Balm" on my "must buy" list. Thanks for sharing this list with us~I really love it!


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