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Nail Mail - Week #08 || EPIC NAIL MAIL!!! ♥

In the mailbox this week....

Nothing the first half of the week :( but the second half was pretty epic, with 6 packages!!!

On Thursday, I got a glow-in-the-dark polish from Well Nails named "The Noth Pole is a real place". I have to thank my friend Ashley @Smashley Sparkles, cause I bought this polish after she said on FB that it was on sale :P

Well Nails - The North Pole is a real place


I also got the 3D molds that I bought on ebay, 6 pcs for like $3. Acrylic powder is the next product from Born Pretty Store that I will review and I didn't have molds yet.


Then, on Friday, I received an AMAZEBALLS package from my friend Jin Jit @Superficially Colorful, with some pretty amazing polishes from her own line + Glitter Gal Light as a Feather and some candy of course :P When I opened it, I was like OMG OMG OMG OMG every second, lol!

Superficially Colorful Lacquer Provocative, Fascinated & Impulsive + Glitter Gal Light as a Feather + yummy candy

Here is a close-up of Jin's polishes from her Mood Swings collection ♥
They are gorgeous AND they are thermal lacquers ^^ 

Superficially Colorful Lacquer Provocative, Fascinated & Impulsive
Beautiful, right?! ♥ Can't wait to put these on my nails :D Actually, the only reason I haven't these on right now, is because I had a mani all planned in my head for not less than 1 week, so I had to do it first! When I first saw Fascinated swatched by Ashley/Smashley Sparkles here or here, I told Jin that... let me just paste my comment here "WOW! Congrats Jin!!! ♥ This polish is absolutely gorgeous!!! my 2 fave colors together, so I WANT one for sure :P Can't wait to see more ^^" but I really wasn't expecting to get it and the 2 others in the mail, I was sooo surprised, what a great way to begin my holidays ^^ OMG I still can't believe it, I have some Superficially Colorful Lacquers, yay!!!! Thank you so much Jin, you are so SWEET ♥ ♥ ♥

Glitter Gal Light as a Feather (from my wishlist)

And here is a pic of the package, opened by the "Douanes Françaises" (French Customs). It's like the 3rd time in 1 year and a half of polish addiction that one of my package is opened by the customs.

Second package of the day was amazing too. New King's Road ♥

Nails Inc. New King's Road


The same day, I also got the stamping plates I ordered from Messy Mansion. I ordered 2, but got 3 ^^ Yay for gifts :P

The St Patrick one is absolutely amazing!!!

Messy Mansion plate MM04

I chose this starry plate because of the symmetric images =)

And this is the plate I got as a gift. It has some pretty cool images too!


Finally, this morning, the mailman gave me the package with my products to review for Born Pretty Store.

Acrylic powder & Acrylic liquid.

OK it's 2:30 am, time to go to bed, haha! See ya ;)


  1. Hehe, thanks for the shout outs! I hope you like North Pole (I wish I had one, I haven't even bought it myself!) and I'm jealous now because you have more of Jin's polishes than me!! LOL <3

  2. LOLOL!!! You two - Béné and Ash - are sooooooo sweet!!!
    Thank you so so much for the shout out and the great laugh!!! ♥
    I am just hoping so much that you will like and won't be disappointed by anything!!! ;-)

    1. Oh - and I am waiting to see your acrylic powder review!!! This looks awesome and something I haven't seen yet!!!!!

  3. North Pole is totally awesome - I have it and you'll go WOW when you go to bed :D. I love WellNails and have all the christmas polishes, haha...


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