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Nail Mail - Week #06 || Not only Nail Mail ^^

In the mailbox this week...

An unexpected nail mail from my sweet friend SH!!! ♥  I haven't bought polish for few weeks now, so I was really surprised to see this package on my desk when I came home Tuesday. Well, it could have been my long-awaited Nails Inc. polishes but no Royal Mail sticker on it.

Pure Ice Black Velour & Candeo Orchid + candy
I've placed an order on Pshiiit-boutique for SH and she sent me these wonderful nail polishes from my wishlist to thank me. She really didn't have to do this, she's such a sweetheart!!! Thank you so much!!! ♥


Then, on Wednesday, I got a package from the UK : my LUSH order!!!

LUSH Aromaco, Vanilla Puff, Sweetie Pie & Wiccy Magic Muscles
I was so glad to get it so fast cause I was about to run out of deodorant, lol! XD But on the other hand, it was sent way after Nails Inc. package (yep the same one I talked about earlier)... The reason why I'm nervous about this package is that my friend Jo has bought lots of Nails Inc. polishes on sale for a group of friends, but Royal Mail has already destroyed 2 of the packages and 2 empty envelopes were returned to Jo. Envelopes of the 2 destroyed package? We don't now about that :/ maybe it's 2 more :'( and one of them may be mine... You can learn more about destroyed parcels by RM on Jo's blog here! I hate their stupid new rules!!!

Anyway, I got my LUSH order less than 1 week after I placed it, yay! I always order on the UK website cause it's cheaper than on the French one ^^ I got a new piece of Aromaco, best deodorant ever! and a bottle of Vanilla Puff to cover the smell of Aromaco, which is good, not amazing but good, but I like to smell lovely, haha XD and I LOVE VANILLA ♥ I also bought a Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar to use on my sore muscles after workout. I recently joined some of my friends in a group weight-loss challenge using polish as our motivator ^^ so I will use this a lot :P And last product, a yummy shower jelly. It smell is so absolutely amazing that I want to eat it!!! ♥ And I didn't know about that but it has glitter in it!!!

See? :P It's like a KBShimmer No Whine Left shower jelly XD


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